American Aftermath Presents: Covers (In The House Of Flies) Compilation

Hey folks. These last few weeks have been super soothing and peaceful, but it has finally come to play. The final hoorah of American Aftermath is here in the form of our final compilation: Covers (In The House Of Flies). This, if you can’t tell by the title, is a Deftones compilation that Lane and I started putting together almost two years ago. It’s finally here and free to download. Stream it below. Farewell, Aftermathletes.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gnarly’s Farewell

You know, up until about a year ago I still had those emails. The emails in question are three of the most important emails I’ve ever received. These emails defined who I have been for the last five years and they have dictated the path I want to travel down for the rest of my life. The emails come from Albert Mudrian, Mark Vieira and Jacob Bannon. In that order. I don’t think any of these guys knew that they were changing my life with their emails.      Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: American Aftermath’s End, Final Projects and New Beginnings


You may remember last month we announced that American Aftermath will be shutting down at the end of the year. Well, that time has come and AA will still cease operations. I wanted to take the time, again, to thank all of the writers, musicians and readers that helped make AA a reality and helped it function for as long as it did. You will never really know how much you all mean to us. My time spent here will never be taken for granted.

We do have one final order of business. We announced forever ago that we were putting together a Deftones cover compilation. Well, after over a year of headache, it will finally be released very soon. It could be next week or the week after, but it will be released for sure this time. We just have some final preparations to make and we will be golden. I hope you all enjoy the final product and we will let you all know as soon as it is released.

One final order of business. I, Lane, after countless weeks of debate have decided to branch out and start my own blog/website. I realized that I would never have the amount of freedom writing for another publications (which I will do from time to time, of course) as I did for American Aftermath. My passion for music prevents me from just giving up on writing. So, starting a new site seemed like the most logical decision to make. I could continue American Aftermath on my own, but considering this is Ross’ baby, it would seem disingenuous to push on without him by my side. So I have decided to start fresh with a new website that will continue the traditions of American Aftermath and expand on them. The site will be called Svbterranean and will launch (fingers crossed!) early next week. The website is still under construction but will hopefully be ready by next Tuesday, Satan willing! I have a lot of new ideas and I have a handful of great writers itching to contribute and help me out. I hope you all entrust me with carrying the flame of American Aftermath in this new format. It’s definitely going to be slow at first, but it will grow with time.

For now, you can follow Svbterranean on Facebook for the time being.

Much love and see you in 2016,


Lane Oliver’s Favorite Releases Of 2015!


Another year, another list. It’s trite to say that 2015 was a great year for music, but I am going to go ahead and say it anyway. The amount of great albums and EPs that were bestowed upon us was staggering. Whether it be the heaviest of the heavy, or the indiest (I am aware that is not a word, just go with it) of the indie, or anything in between, there was sonic gold to be found on all ends of the musical spectrum. I have compiled 30 of my absolute favorite releases of the 2015 for the 10 people out there who care about my opinion. These are the records that blew me away and have stuck with me throughout the year. Enjoy.

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Ross Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of 2015!

best of bannerGod damn. A lot happened this year. I saw some killer movies, made some new friends and listened to some amazing music. I mean, we got some really rad music this year and not all of it was metal. I heard some great tunes from all across the spectrum and this year, unlike in the past, I put everything together. One solid list that I spent a lot of time on. Later today I will make another post, which will be my final post on this website. I am going to bow out and enjoy the new year with my family. But that’s a different post all together. This post is about my favorite albums of 2015, so let’s get to it.      Continue reading

SPINEBREAKER Cause Some “Internal Bleeding” Via New Track

Spinebreaker‘s Ice Grave is currently holding one of the highest spots within my most anticipated albums of 2016. These deathcrushers brand of crust-lade death metal is fucking noteworthy and these guys are definitely going to make a name for themselves. The band has just released a new track via Revolver and you can check it out right now. Stream the track below. Get destroyed.     Continue reading

HUSH. Stream New Track “Shinda Inu No Shashin”

Hush., one of the raddest, sickest, filthiest bands to emerge in the last few years has won Lane heart as well as mine. These crushing sludge-slingers are prepping their new EP Nihil Unbound, which will see an early 2016 release. The band has teamed up with Toilet Ov Hell to stream a new track titled “Shinda Inu No Shashin.” Check out the track below. IT CRUSHES SO HARD.      Continue reading

LOVE SEX MACHINE To Release New Album “Asexual Anger”

Love Sex Machine, a band that emerged from nowhere and released a phenomenal record a few years ago has announced that they will be releasing a new album titled Asexual Anger. We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but we do know it will be out in February. We also got the albums artwork, which is awesome, and the track list which you can see after the jump. Get stoked.     Continue reading

Review: XNOYBIS – “Trust Fall”


French band Xnoybis deliver more complex and jagged aural excellence on their fourth release Trust Fall.  The band seem capable of carving a hole in the listeners psyche with their colossal audio bombast.    The opening song on the album “Failed at Success” is jarring yet accessible.  It’s memorable yet unsettling.  Xnoybis are not unlike Philadelphia art punk/post hardcore band Gods & Queens in that they prefer to deploy their sonic attack somewhere in the mid-fidelity range.  Couple that aesthetic with some undoubtedly first rate noise rock ideas and motifs and you have Xnoybis.

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FULL OF HELL Offer New Album “Amber Mote In The Black Vault” For Free Download

  One of the raddest, sickest albums of the year comes from filthy hardcore heathens Full Of Hell and it’s called Amber Mote In The Black Vault. The 7″ is beyond amazing and it should definitely be in your library. How about for free? You read that right, Amber Mote is being offered up for free download right now. Go get it right now! Stream and download here.

VEIL OF MAYA Release Music Video For “Aeris”

aerisWe had a lot of great music videos out this year and Veil Of Maya aren’t going to let 2015 end without making sure they’re on that list. The band has just released their music video for their song “Aeris” which comes off of their most recent record Matriarch. The video is really rad and really well done. Check it out below.       Continue reading

Review: BLACKLISTERS – “Adult”

Adult cover art

The noise rock resurgence of recent years has brought with it a wave of new and exciting artists that help keep the heart of this confrontational genre alive. Bands like Ladder Devils, Sofy Major, Fight Amp and the like have been getting tons and tons of accolades from publications and common folk alike. Although these bands have been around for quite some time, just like the genre itself, people have really started giving a damn in the past few years. Is it thanks to amazing press? Who is to say? Regardless, it is great to see a genre that helped define the underground scene of the 90s back in the limelight. The tools left behind by Amphetamine Reptile and similar labels have been picked up by these newer acts and have reshaped and pushed the noise rock genre further than previously thought possible. Which brings us to Leeds-based outfit Blacklisters and their sophomore album, and arguably one of the best noise rock LPs of 2015, Adult.

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THROWERS Streaming New Track “Singularity”

Throwers - Loss CD (Digipack)

German darkened hardcore outfit Throwers have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Loss, at CVLT Nation. The new track is the album’s opening number, “Singularity”, which churns out grumpy, down-tuned hardcore assaults that bleed into brooding, melancholic passages and back again. Check out the tune now.

Loss will be released on January 15 via Golden Antenna Records.



ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY Streaming New Track “Exterminate The Apostles”

North Carolina death metallers Atrocious Abnormality have released a new track from their upcoming sophomore full-length and follow-up to 2007’s Echoes of the Rotting, Formed in Disgust. The new track is titled “Exterminate the Apostles” and it features all of corpse grinding brutal death needed to appease death metal fans of all shapes and sizes. The drumming is pulverizing, the guitars are gruesome, the bass is metallic and grumbling and the vocals are the vile icing on the cake. Check it out after the break along.

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