Review: BLACKLISTERS – “Adult”

Adult cover art

The noise rock resurgence of recent years has brought with it a wave of new and exciting artists that help keep the heart of this confrontational genre alive. Bands like Ladder Devils, Sofy Major, Fight Amp and the like have been getting tons and tons of accolades from publications and common folk alike. Although these bands have been around for quite some time, just like the genre itself, people have really started giving a damn in the past few years. Is it thanks to amazing press? Who is to say? Regardless, it is great to see a genre that helped define the underground scene of the 90s back in the limelight. The tools left behind by Amphetamine Reptile and similar labels have been picked up by these newer acts and have reshaped and pushed the noise rock genre further than previously thought possible. Which brings us to Leeds-based outfit Blacklisters and their sophomore album, and arguably one of the best noise rock LPs of 2015, Adult.

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BLACKLISTERS Streaming New Album “Adult”

Leeds-based noise rock extraordinaires Blacklisters have premiered their forthcoming album, Adult, at Teamrock. The album will officially be released Friday, September 18, via Smalltown America. Pre-orders can be found here. Adult is a raw and twisted affair that fans of all things Amphetamine Reptile and Steve Albini will enjoy. Don’t waste any more time and stream the record now.

The band’s upcoming show dates can be found below.

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BLACKLISTERS Release Music Video For “I Knock Myself Out”

blacklistersMan, Lane got me into Blacklisters recently and I am so stoked that he did. This band has taken me by storm and I love it. They have just released a new video for their song “I Knock Myself Out” and it rules also. The video was shot live and it is extremely well done. You can check the video out below and see if it pumps you up. PUMPS YOU UP.     Continue reading

BLACKLISTERS Streaming New Track “I Knock Myself Out”

You know, the first few times I saw Lane post about Blacklisters, I let it go to the wayside. Recently though, I took a listen to the band and I am digging the hell out of the British noise mongers. The band is currently streaming a rad new track titled “I Knock Myself Out” and it is a beast. Check out the track below, courtesy of Noisey.     Continue reading

BLACKLISTERS Release “Shirts” Video

UK noise rock quartet Blacklisters have premiered the official video for their new track, “Shirts”, over at Crack Magazine. The bludgeoning, maniacal track, which will appear on their upcoming album, Adult,  is set to an equally manic video depicting the members going completely nuts, naturally. Frontman Billy Mason-Wood comments on the new track:

“This song, Shirts, is a song about shirts, about wearing them, about needing them, about loving them. I didn’t wear a shirt once and this is what my world looked like. Always wear at least one shirt.”

Check out the video after the break and make sure you are wearing a shirt while doing so.

Adult will be released in the UK via Smalltown America in September and in the US on October 16 via Handshake Inc (vinyl) and Exploding in Sound (cassette).

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BLACKLISTERS Streaming New Track “Cash Cow”

UK noise rock quartet Blacklisters have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length album and follow-up to 2012’s BLKLSTRS, Adult, over at Stereogum. The new track is titled “Cash Cow” and it unleashes a flurry of dissonant riffs that fall upon unsuspecting heads like axes while a pulsating, angular groove writhes underneath the chaos overhead. All the while, maniacal vocals propel the track further into insane territory. Head over to Stereogum to stream it now.

Adult will be released in the UK via Smalltown America in September and in the US on October 16 via Handshake Inc (vinyl) and Exploding in Sound (cassette).

Stream their previous full-length, BLKLSTRS, after the break.

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