Lane Oliver’s Favorite Releases Of 2015!


Another year, another list. It’s trite to say that 2015 was a great year for music, but I am going to go ahead and say it anyway. The amount of great albums and EPs that were bestowed upon us was staggering. Whether it be the heaviest of the heavy, or the indiest (I am aware that is not a word, just go with it) of the indie, or anything in between, there was sonic gold to be found on all ends of the musical spectrum. I have compiled 30 of my absolute favorite releases of the 2015 for the 10 people out there who care about my opinion. These are the records that blew me away and have stuck with me throughout the year. Enjoy.

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Ross Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of 2015!

best of bannerGod damn. A lot happened this year. I saw some killer movies, made some new friends and listened to some amazing music. I mean, we got some really rad music this year and not all of it was metal. I heard some great tunes from all across the spectrum and this year, unlike in the past, I put everything together. One solid list that I spent a lot of time on. Later today I will make another post, which will be my final post on this website. I am going to bow out and enjoy the new year with my family. But that’s a different post all together. This post is about my favorite albums of 2015, so let’s get to it.      Continue reading