LOVE SEX MACHINE To Release New Album “Asexual Anger”

Love Sex Machine, a band that emerged from nowhere and released a phenomenal record a few years ago has announced that they will be releasing a new album titled Asexual Anger. We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but we do know it will be out in February. We also got the albums artwork, which is awesome, and the track list which you can see after the jump. Get stoked.     Continue reading

American Aftermath Presents: Autumn Annihilation – A Sludge/Doom Compilation

Avtvmn AnnihilationThis compilation has been months in the making. Originally, this was supposed to be released in late June or early July under the title Summer Of Sludge Vol. 2, but things got crazy, we got busy and the Summer flew by. I am thrilled to finally release the latest American Aftermath digital compilation Autumn Annihilation. After three months of delay, you can now stream and download this compilation for free. Enjoy!      Continue reading

Review: LOVE SEX MACHINE-“Self Titled”

By Lane Oliver

Be honest with me. When you see a band with a name like Love Sex Machine, you cannot help but want to listen to it. With such a ridiculous name and equally ridiculous song titles like “Killed with a Monster Cock” you can’t help but be curious as to what it sounds like. I half expected this band to be one of those bands that try to be funny and cute with ridiculous music. Well this is not the case. Despite their name and song titles, this band’s music is as serious as a heart attack.

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Random Band Of The Day: LOVE SEX MACHINE Put Slutty Into Sludgy

As with pretty much all of my Random Bands, I base all of my opinions on the music alone. I do not Google the band beforehand. No research, just tunes. That is why I am so thrilled that I stumbled across Love Sex Machine. Immediately thinking the band was a joke from the name and song titles, I was shocked to find that this band is actually a part of the Throatruiner Records family. Throatruiner has brought me nothing but joy ever since I found the label last year. There are just so many amazing bands that put out their music for free via Throatruiner.

Love Sex Machine is a band that I can describe in six words: “Sounds like The Abominable Iron Sloth.” I mean, seriously. Ungodly down-tuned, crushing sludgecore filth at it’s finest. On top of the band’s mind-blowing sound, the song titles are great. With tracks like “Anal On Deceased Virgin,” “Vagina Curse” and “Killed With A Monster Cock,” how can you not be digging this already? So, yeah. Listen to and download Love Sex Machine‘s self-titled record in the widget below. Get into it. LOVE SEX MACHINE.