Review: XNOYBIS – “Trust Fall”


French band Xnoybis deliver more complex and jagged aural excellence on their fourth release Trust Fall.  The band seem capable of carving a hole in the listeners psyche with their colossal audio bombast.    The opening song on the album “Failed at Success” is jarring yet accessible.  It’s memorable yet unsettling.  Xnoybis are not unlike Philadelphia art punk/post hardcore band Gods & Queens in that they prefer to deploy their sonic attack somewhere in the mid-fidelity range.  Couple that aesthetic with some undoubtedly first rate noise rock ideas and motifs and you have Xnoybis.

The band is also quite capable of venturing into the same sonic territory of a band like Inter Arma.  A fine example of this type of warped balladry would be track 3 “A Reculons.”  A quick google search indicates that “A Reculons” is french for “Walking Backwards.”  As it stands this song stands as the single somber moment on Trust Fall. These moments no doubt function as an interlude for the next slab of chaos that Trust Fall will no doubt deliver.   Track 4 “Another Compromising Scheme” would not be unlike something Seattle legends Kiss it Goodbye would concoct if they were still active.

Despite the comparisons to the aforementioned band, Xnoybis create a sound that is even more unusual, desperate, and challenging.  Xnoybis have melded anything but an easy listen on Trust Fall.  The listener with an inclination for confrontational, unrelenting, and well-crafted aggressive music will undoubtedly love this record.


Rating: 9/10
Label: Hell Comes Home
Release Date: November 6th, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Failed With Success”, “Aleph”, “You Had It Coming”,
For Fans Of: Gods & Queens, Kiss It Goodbye, Ken Mode, Gaza.


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