LOVE SEX MACHINE To Release New Album “Asexual Anger”

Love Sex Machine, a band that emerged from nowhere and released a phenomenal record a few years ago has announced that they will be releasing a new album titled Asexual Anger. We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but we do know it will be out in February. We also got the albums artwork, which is awesome, and the track list which you can see after the jump. Get stoked.     Continue reading

THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE Stream New Track “Carrying Icons”

Chaotic hardcore heathens The Rodeo Idiot Engine will be releasing their highly anticipated new album Malaise next week, but the band want you to embrace the album by streaming a new track titled “Carrying Icons.” This is one of the nastiest, fiercest tracks I’ve ever heard from TRIE. Check out the track below, via CVLT Nation.      Continue reading

BIRDS IN ROW & WAITC Stream Split 10″

Masters of French hardcore Birds In Row and WAITC have teamed up for an amazing split 10″ EP. The EP will be released later this month, but you can stream the entire split in full right now. Decibel is hosting the stream, which you can check out below. It’s fucking killer. Stream away, darlings.     Continue reading

COWARDS Streaming New Track “Beyond My Hands”

cowards-risetoinfamy1200x1200French hardcore beasts Cowards will unleash their sophomore release Rise To Infamy in February and the band has released a killer new track titled “Beyond My Hands,” which is streaming for your pleasure. I am highly anticipating this album, mainly because Cowards have never let me down in the past and I don’t think they would do so now. Check out “Beyond My Hands” after the jump or get bent.     Continue reading

PROTESTANT Streaming New Album “In Thy Name”

portestantMilwaukee-based crustcore band Protestant will soon be releasing one of the meanest, most hateful crust records of the year and you can hear the madness for yourself right now. Protestant are streaming their new album In Thy Name right now courtesy of Noisey and you can check it out after the jump. DO IT.       Continue reading

AS WE DRAW Streaming New Track “Losing Ground”

As We DrawThroatruiner Records has yet to release an album that I have not enjoyed. With amazing records from Plebeian Grandstand, Cortez, Vuyvr, Bone Dance and more, you just can’t go wrong. The label will be releasing the new album from French post-hardcore band As We Draw and you can hear a new track from that effort right now. MetalSucks has premiered the track “Losing Ground” and for the life of me, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s heavy, it’s amazingly organized and it’s As We Draw. Check out the track below, courtesy of MetalSucks.     Continue reading

PROTESTANT Streaming New Track “Vengeance”

portestantMilwaukee’s vicious hardcore band Protestant have thoroughly impressed me time and time again and I think their new record In They Name might be their best yet. The band has released the brutally bombarding track “Vengeance” and if you feel the need to become a tornado of fists after listening to it, you are definitely not the only on. You can check that track out after the jump. Bang your fucking head.     Continue reading

VERMIN WOMB Release Debut Album “Permanence”

Vermin-Womb-Permanence-620x620Vermin Womb, which is 2/3rds of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, are a band that we have posted about before and I am thrilled to be posting about them again. The band has released their debut album Permanence, which you can now stream and download for free. How is this possible, you ask? Well, the album is being distributed by Throatruiner Records (who brought us Cortez, Plebian Grandstand and Vuyvr), which happens to be a label that offers up free downloads of all of their albums. Stoked? You should be. Stream the entire album by the soon-to-be legendary Vermin Womb.       Continue reading

VUYVR Streaming New Album “Incinerated Gods”

Vuyvr - incinerated godsSwiss black metal band Vuyvr are one that I have heard about and seen around but I never actually sat down to listen to them and I am so fucking disappointed in myself for not checking them out sooner. This band is phenomenal and their new album Incinerated Gods fucking destroys. Insane black metals done the way I’ve always wanted it done. Check out a full stream of Vuyvr‘s new album before it is released next month. DUDE.      Continue reading

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND Streaming New Album “Lowgazers”

PG LowgazersI’ve been ranting about Plebeian Grandstand for a good while now and about how much I adore their music and now I urge you all to stream the bands latest effort, the ever-entrancing Lowgazers. Plebeian Grandstand is one of those bands who constantly gain momentum and never, ever let you down. The band has done their greatest work on Lowgazers and you need to check this out. Stream the album in full after the jump.     Continue reading

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND Release Music Video For “Thrvst”

pgthvrstAfter four years, blackened hardcore outfit Plebeian Grandstand will finally unleash their long awaited, highly anticipated (at least by me) sophomore record Lowgazers next month. In anticipation, the band has recently released the music video for the albums first single “Thrvst.” You can check out this insane video after the jump. It’s not really NSFW, but if you have epileptic tendencies, I highly suggest you skip over this one. Flashylights and all. Continue:     Continue reading


French crusty hardcore outfit Direwolves released a phenomenal EP titled Me From Myself, To Banish and anyone who listened to that beast has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bands debut full-length. Well, it has been announced that the band will release their debut album ÆGRI SOMNIA will be released  next month. The band has issued a teaser for the record, which you can check out after the jump. Prepare yourself.     Continue reading

Got 23 Minutes Free? Stream A New EIBON Track!

Art thou familiar with the snails-pace-doom of Eibon? This bands music is one of the only a handful that actually have the ability to depress and encapsulate at the same time. Crushing brutality is almost overwhelming, but it draws you in close. The band will soon be releasing a new album through Throatruiner Records and Aesthetic Death and, with only two songs, this album will fucking destroy you.      Continue reading