ANNOUNCEMENT: American Aftermath’s End, Final Projects and New Beginnings


You may remember last month we announced that American Aftermath will be shutting down at the end of the year. Well, that time has come and AA will still cease operations. I wanted to take the time, again, to thank all of the writers, musicians and readers that helped make AA a reality and helped it function for as long as it did. You will never really know how much you all mean to us. My time spent here will never be taken for granted.

We do have one final order of business. We announced forever ago that we were putting together a Deftones cover compilation. Well, after over a year of headache, it will finally be released very soon. It could be next week or the week after, but it will be released for sure this time. We just have some final preparations to make and we will be golden. I hope you all enjoy the final product and we will let you all know as soon as it is released.

One final order of business. I, Lane, after countless weeks of debate have decided to branch out and start my own blog/website. I realized that I would never have the amount of freedom writing for another publications (which I will do from time to time, of course) as I did for American Aftermath. My passion for music prevents me from just giving up on writing. So, starting a new site seemed like the most logical decision to make. I could continue American Aftermath on my own, but considering this is Ross’ baby, it would seem disingenuous to push on without him by my side. So I have decided to start fresh with a new website that will continue the traditions of American Aftermath and expand on them. The site will be called Svbterranean and will launch (fingers crossed!) early next week. The website is still under construction but will hopefully be ready by next Tuesday, Satan willing! I have a lot of new ideas and I have a handful of great writers itching to contribute and help me out. I hope you all entrust me with carrying the flame of American Aftermath in this new format. It’s definitely going to be slow at first, but it will grow with time.

For now, you can follow Svbterranean on Facebook for the time being.

Much love and see you in 2016,


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