ANNOUNCEMENT: Gnarly’s Farewell

You know, up until about a year ago I still had those emails. The emails in question are three of the most important emails I’ve ever received. These emails defined who I have been for the last five years and they have dictated the path I want to travel down for the rest of my life. The emails come from Albert Mudrian, Mark Vieira and Jacob Bannon. In that order. I don’t think any of these guys knew that they were changing my life with their emails.      Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: American Aftermath’s End, Final Projects and New Beginnings


You may remember last month we announced that American Aftermath will be shutting down at the end of the year. Well, that time has come and AA will still cease operations. I wanted to take the time, again, to thank all of the writers, musicians and readers that helped make AA a reality and helped it function for as long as it did. You will never really know how much you all mean to us. My time spent here will never be taken for granted.

We do have one final order of business. We announced forever ago that we were putting together a Deftones cover compilation. Well, after over a year of headache, it will finally be released very soon. It could be next week or the week after, but it will be released for sure this time. We just have some final preparations to make and we will be golden. I hope you all enjoy the final product and we will let you all know as soon as it is released.

One final order of business. I, Lane, after countless weeks of debate have decided to branch out and start my own blog/website. I realized that I would never have the amount of freedom writing for another publications (which I will do from time to time, of course) as I did for American Aftermath. My passion for music prevents me from just giving up on writing. So, starting a new site seemed like the most logical decision to make. I could continue American Aftermath on my own, but considering this is Ross’ baby, it would seem disingenuous to push on without him by my side. So I have decided to start fresh with a new website that will continue the traditions of American Aftermath and expand on them. The site will be called Svbterranean and will launch (fingers crossed!) early next week. The website is still under construction but will hopefully be ready by next Tuesday, Satan willing! I have a lot of new ideas and I have a handful of great writers itching to contribute and help me out. I hope you all entrust me with carrying the flame of American Aftermath in this new format. It’s definitely going to be slow at first, but it will grow with time.

For now, you can follow Svbterranean on Facebook for the time being.

Much love and see you in 2016,


Review: XNOYBIS – “Trust Fall”


French band Xnoybis deliver more complex and jagged aural excellence on their fourth release Trust Fall.  The band seem capable of carving a hole in the listeners psyche with their colossal audio bombast.    The opening song on the album “Failed at Success” is jarring yet accessible.  It’s memorable yet unsettling.  Xnoybis are not unlike Philadelphia art punk/post hardcore band Gods & Queens in that they prefer to deploy their sonic attack somewhere in the mid-fidelity range.  Couple that aesthetic with some undoubtedly first rate noise rock ideas and motifs and you have Xnoybis.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: American Aftermath Is Shutting Its Doors

Hey guys,

I, Ross, started this website on September 2nd, 2010. I started it because I wanted to write about and talk to bands I loved. Over the five years since I started, I have accomplished my mission a hundred times over. I have spoken to some of my favorite bands and I have made a ton of friends that I plan to keep for the rest of my life. Because of all of this, I am saddened to announce that American Aftermath will be shutting down on December 31st, 2015.

It has been a long time coming and it kills me to have it come to this, but life and work has gotten in the way on more than a handful of occasions. We started off with a wonderful staff who have gone on to do other, great things, leaving just Lane and I posting on the regular. With his schooling and work and my family and work, it has become more and more stressful to continue on.

I want to thank each and every one of our readers. A lot of you have spent years with us and I am truly grateful that you read and gave us your feedback. We did what we could and we love you all. The site will remain archived, although the domain will lapse in a few months. Lane and I plan on going out with a bang, as our final posts will be our year-end lists. After that, we’ll be seeing you on the flip flop. I plan on remaining in the scene as much as I can and hopefully being able to be a freelance writer here and there and Lane has plans also.

I also want to thank anyone who has ever worked on American Aftermath. Your services were greatly appreciated. Josh AKA “Keepitwolfson”, Kenzo, Rick, Zack, Eric, Nic, Thomas, Denise, Maclyn, Dave, Charles, Bryan, Robbie, Josh A. and Bari. Respect.

Stay tuned to the site, as regular news will be posted until we call it a day. Maybe we still have a few surprises for you. Again, thank you all for your dedication. Godspeed, American Aftermathletes. You’re the reason we lasted.


Some of you may or may not know that Lane and I create obnoxious anti-music under the moniker Angry Norwegian. We have been creating music for a while and, although we recently went on hiatus, we decided to give our readers a gift (or punishment) in the form of a Halloween EP from us. The EP is titled Candy Corn Fucking Sucks: An American Aftermath Halloween Special and we did it because we love you. Stream and download after the jump.     Continue reading

VEHEMENCE Release “Murdered By The Earth” Lyric Video


Phoenix death metal outfit Vehemence have premiered the official lyric video for their new track, “Murdered by the Earth”, at Revolver. Taken from their upcoming Forward Without Motion LP, “Murdered by the Earth” features nearly nine minutes of blazing melodic leads, semi-technical guitar acrobatics and slamming beatdowns. Check out the song/clip after the break.

Forward Without Motion will be released October 23 via Battleground Records.

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RECITATION Streaming New Album “Carrion”


Copenhagen-based doom trio Recitation have premiered their upcoming album, Carrion, at Noisey. The album will officially be released Friday, October 9, via Indisciplinarian Records. Pre-orders can still be picked up here and here. The record is comprised of one 27-minute behemoth that trudges along with slow-burning,  grimy doom. Check it out after the break.

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MONO & THE OCEAN Release “Transcendental” EP Teaser

Japanese post-rockers Mono and German post-metal collective The Ocean have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming split EP, Transcendental. The four minute clip features snippets of both The Ocean‘s new track “The Quiet Observer” and Mono‘s “Death In Reverse”. The trailer can be viewed after the break.

Transcendental will be released on October 23 via Pelagic Records. Pre-order here or here.

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CONTRARIAN (NILE, etc) Announce New Album “Polemic”, Stream Title Track


Progressive death metal outfit Contrarian – which unites drummer George Kollias (Nile), guitarists Brian Mason (Sulaco) and Leon Macey (Mithras), vocalist Cody McConnell (Goemagot), and Delirium Endeavor guitarist Jim Tasikas and bassist Ed Paulsen – have announced the release of their debut full-length record. The new effort will be titled Polemic and will be unleashed on November 20 via Willowtip Records.  The eight-track offering was captured at Watchmen Studios (USA), Dreaming Studios (UK) and Soundtrap Studios (Greece) with all mixing and mastering done by Macey at Dreaming Studios. The album contains awe-inspiring displays of virtuosic musicianship that blend blistering death metal with progressive, science fiction overtones.

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with a stream of the title track (via No Clean Singing).

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VOID OF SLEEP Announce New Album “New World Order”


Italian occult metal quartet Void of Sleep have announced the release of their sophomore full-length record and follow-up to 2013’s Tales Between Reality And Madness. The new album will be titled New World Order and will be released through Aural Music on October 16 in Europe and on November 13 in North America. The record will be available digitally worldwide on October 18 with vinyl editions to follow in 2016. New World Order was recorded by bassist Riccardo Pasini (Ephel Duath, The Secret) at Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod etc.) at The Boiler Room in Chicago, Illinois. The band issued the following comments regarding the upcoming effort:

“New World Order represents to us a new culmination of our sound,…Now more than ever you can call it visionary, sludgy and progressive. It’s an occult, esoteric and wicked metaphor to the modern society as we consider it: with no positive expectations of the future of this world. This album embraces the concept of evil in its purest form. Since the beginning, man has been doomed to consume and enslave and destroy his own kind in an absurd discord to the final extinction.”

The album’s artwork, track listing and trailer can be found after the break.

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AMBASSADOR GUN Release “Once Upon The Sauce” And “Tomb Of Broken Sleep” Dual Video


Minneapolis deathgrinders Ambassador Gun have premiered a dual video for their tracks “Once Upon The Sauce” and “Tomb Of Broken Sleep”, from their album Tomb Of Broken Sleep, over at Decibel. The video, filmed by Adam Dunn, depicts the band’s drunken antics while they simultaneously storm through both raging tracks. The band commented on the video:

“The video was filmed by Adam Dunn,…and as far as quotes go, maybe just say we crushed a bottle of Wild Turkey, three blunts and a case of beer, and fired off two fresh grinders!”

Check out the video after the break.

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Exclusive Interview: Dustan Toth of ASTRAKHAN

Since their first live performance, Vancouver based band Astrakhan has wowed many a music fan. Whether it’s a booking agent at the local theatre, a grizzled music industry veteran, or a 17 year old riff worshipping hesher child, praise for the band has been deservedly widespread.

The band formed from two respected Vancouver bands Old Roger and Crimson Root. After one unforgettable performance at the 2015 Armstrong Metal Fest, the band signed to War On Music Records to release their debut EP “A Tapestry of Scars and Scabs.” I got a chance to speak with Astrakhan’s bassist Dustin Toth about the band.


Your last ep “A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin” was released by War On Music records (3 Inches of Blood, Anciients, Bison, Cryptopsy, Gorguts).  That’s a pretty stacked roster to say the least.  What was it like to work with them? Continue reading