ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY Streaming New Track “Exterminate The Apostles”

North Carolina death metallers Atrocious Abnormality have released a new track from their upcoming sophomore full-length and follow-up to 2007’s Echoes of the Rotting, Formed in Disgust. The new track is titled “Exterminate the Apostles” and it features all of corpse grinding brutal death needed to appease death metal fans of all shapes and sizes. The drumming is pulverizing, the guitars are gruesome, the bass is metallic and grumbling and the vocals are the vile icing on the cake. Check it out after the break along.

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REPULSIVE DISSECTION Streaming New Track “Apologist (Of Theodicy and Denial)”

Brutal death metal horde Repulsive Dissection have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Church of the Five Precious Wounds, over at Horns Up. The new track is the crushing Apologist (Of Theodicy and Denial)”, which will brutally dismember those who listen to it with its collection of savage riffs and nauseating vocals. Check out, if you dare, after the break.

Church of the Five Precious Wounds will be released on October 1 via Sevared Records. Pre-order here.

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INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY Streaming New Track “Prey To The Agonies of Morbid Apprehension”

Scottish brutal death metallers Iniquitous Savagery have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Subversions of the Psyche, at Metal Insider.  Titled”Prey to the Agonies of Morbid Apprehension”, the new flesh-grinding jam churns out relentless, murderous death metal that is too vile for most to handle. The band combine equal parts slam and technicality to please both sides of the death metal aisle. Check it out after the break.

Subversions of the Psyche will be released on September 22 via Grindethic. Pre-order here.

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PUTRIDITY Streaming New Track “Portraits Of A Soiled Innocence”

Italian brutal death metallers Putridity have released a new track from their forthcoming album, Ignominious Atonement, which is due out on August 18 via Willowtip Records. The new track is titled “Portraits of a Soiled Innocence” and it features a relentless barrage of gore-splattered, murderous riffs and sadistic drumming, not to mention horrifyingly vile vocals. Check it out, if you dare, after the break.

Be sure to check out the previously released track, “Conceived Through Vermination”, here.

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PUTRIDITY Streaming New Track “Conceived Through Vermination”

Ignominious Atonement cover art

Italian brutal death metal outfit Putridity have debuted a new track from their upcoming third full-length album, Ignominious Atonement.  The track is titled “Conceived Through Vermination” and it churns out grotesque, hyper-speed, down-tuned riffage complete with inhuman drumming and bile-spewing vocals. It’s heavy, that’s for sure. Check it out after the break.

Ignominious Atonement will be released on August 28 via Willowtip. Pre-orders can be placed here or here.

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ABORTED Release NSFW Video For “Cenobites”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoAborted are the masters of gore in this day in age, so it’s not really surprising that the band would release a gory new music video. This particular music video is for the track “Cenobites,” which are, of course, the horrifying, apocalypticing creatures from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. You can check out the NSFW video after the jump. I think it’s a great way to start off your Monday commute. Enjoy.      Continue reading

INTERNAL BLEEDING Streaming New Track “Placate The Ancients”

internal bleedingWho wants to get a brutal beatdown first thing in the morning? Yeah, me too. So where to turn? With a world full of music, what’s the heaviest thing to kick start your Friday? How about a new track from Internal Bleeding? Trust me, this is where you want to start. The band is currently streaming a vicious new track titled “Placate The Ancients” which comes off of their forthcoming album Imperium. Check out the track below, courtesy of CVLT Nation. Continue reading

BOOKAKEE Release A Bloody New Video For “A Night To Dismember”

a1879827289_10Bookakee first caught my attention late last year with their fine death metal release called “Whorrific”, a gigantic slab of Gwar meets Cephalic Carnage, then add more gore on top of it. Bookakee has a wild name and it fits their wild blend of death metal. Check out the video below for “A Night To Dismember”, which is very NSFW.

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ABORTED Streaming New Track: “Necrotic Manifesto”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoBrutality will ultimately prevail in the world of metal and Aborted are definitely one of the most brutal bands in existence. The band released an amazing record in 2012 in the form of Global Flatline and now they are prepping the release of their next album The Necrotic Manifesto. This album is sure to be a destroyer. How do I know this? Because I just listened to the albums title track, which I suggest you also do. You can listen to “Necrotic Manifesto” after the jump. You want this.     Continue reading

EXHUMED Streaming New Album In Full

After being teased by a few promising songs, Exhumed are streaming their new album Necrocracy in full over at Metal Sucks. The album official comes out on August 6th but who wants to wait that long to be annihilated by brutal death metal? Follow the above to Metal Sucks to stream this bad boy and be sure to check out the band on the road with Dying Fetus this Fall.

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EXHUMED Detail Forthcoming Album

In addition to their upcoming tour with Dying Fetus, the band also revealed the dirty bloody details on their forthcoming album. The new album has been assigned the title Necrocracy and will see a release on August 6th in North American, August 2nd in Germany/Benelux, and August 5th in the UK and beyond. Necrocracy will carry the following track listing:

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DYING FETUS Reveal Fall North American Tour Dates

As promised, Dying Fetus have announced their new North American that will commence this October. The slamming death-metallers will be supported by the likes of Exhumed, Devourment, Waking the Cadaver, Rivers of Nihil and Abiotic. Dates for the trek are as follows:

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COFFINS Release New Track

Japan’s death metal crew Coffins are streaming a new slamming track over at Pitchfork. Prepare yourself for churning, sludge-ridden grooves and guttural vocals from the bowels of hell on “Rotten Disciples”. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming effort The Fleshland, which will see a release on July 9th on Relapse Records. Check out the track now and peep their upcoming Japan and European tour dates below.

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Pick-Axe Murder Party: DEVOURMENT Streaming CANNIBAL CORPSE Cover

I love when bands record cover songs as b-sides or unreleased songs… and then release them. Devourment are the latest band to perform this with a fantastic new cover of a classic death metal tune. Taking a band that they are obviously influenced by, Devourment have spewed forth a sickening rendition of Cannibal Corpse‘s “The Pick-Axe Murders.”     Continue reading