SPINEBREAKER Cause Some “Internal Bleeding” Via New Track

Spinebreaker‘s Ice Grave is currently holding one of the highest spots within my most anticipated albums of 2016. These deathcrushers brand of crust-lade death metal is fucking noteworthy and these guys are definitely going to make a name for themselves. The band has just released a new track via Revolver and you can check it out right now. Stream the track below. Get destroyed.     Continue reading

HUSH. Stream New Track “Shinda Inu No Shashin”

Hush., one of the raddest, sickest, filthiest bands to emerge in the last few years has won Lane heart as well as mine. These crushing sludge-slingers are prepping their new EP Nihil Unbound, which will see an early 2016 release. The band has teamed up with Toilet Ov Hell to stream a new track titled “Shinda Inu No Shashin.” Check out the track below. IT CRUSHES SO HARD.      Continue reading

THROWERS Streaming New Track “Singularity”

Throwers - Loss CD (Digipack)

German darkened hardcore outfit Throwers have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Loss, at CVLT Nation. The new track is the album’s opening number, “Singularity”, which churns out grumpy, down-tuned hardcore assaults that bleed into brooding, melancholic passages and back again. Check out the tune now.

Loss will be released on January 15 via Golden Antenna Records.



ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY Streaming New Track “Exterminate The Apostles”

North Carolina death metallers Atrocious Abnormality have released a new track from their upcoming sophomore full-length and follow-up to 2007’s Echoes of the Rotting, Formed in Disgust. The new track is titled “Exterminate the Apostles” and it features all of corpse grinding brutal death needed to appease death metal fans of all shapes and sizes. The drumming is pulverizing, the guitars are gruesome, the bass is metallic and grumbling and the vocals are the vile icing on the cake. Check it out after the break along.

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GOD’S HATE Announce New Album “Mass Murder”, Stream New Track

Southern California metallic hardcore outfit God’s Hate have announced the release of their debut full-length record. The record, which was recorded with producer Taylor Young, will be titled Mass Murder and will be released on February 5 via Closed Casket Activities. The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with a stream of new track, “Violent Procreation”. Check it out below.

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AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Stream New Track “Not A Daughter”

In January Agoraphobic Nosebleed will unleash the first of four EPs (one headed by a different member of the band) called Arc and thrust by vocalist Kat Katz. The band have unveiled a new track from the three-song, sludge EP titled “Not A Daughter” and it is amaze. Check out the track below and see what’s good.      Continue reading

HUMANITAS ERROR EST Streaming New Track “Pain Feeder”

German black metal horde Humanitas Error Est have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Human Pathomorphism, at CVLT Nation. Titled “Pain Feeder”, the track unleashes legions of lurching, malevolent riffs and cranial crushing drumming aimed at dragging the listener to Hell with them. Check out the tune at this location now.

Human Pathomorphism will be released on January 11 via Satanath Records. Pre-order here.

HYPNO5E Streaming New Track “East Shore – In Our Deaf Lands”

Hypno5e - Shores of the Abstract line

French progressive metal unit Hypno5e have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Shores of the Abstract Line, at Metal Sucks.  Titled “East Shore – In Our Deaf Lands”, the nearly 13-minute track combines complex,  groove heavy metallic attacks with lengthy sections of sprawling cinematics and post-rock sensibilities. Check out the behemoth tune after the break.

Shores of the Abstract Line will be released on February 19 via Pelagic Records.

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REPROACHER Streaming New Track “Poisonous Miasmas”

Wyoming grimy hardcore outfit Reproacher have released a new track from their upcoming third full-length and follow-up to 2013’s Nothing to Save, Nature’s Bastard, which is due out sometime in 2016. Titled “Poisonous Miasmas”, the new misanthropic tune churns out dissonant, malformed hardcore that writhes and shifts into grumbling doom territory and back again. Check it out after the break along with the album’s artwork and track listing. The album’s lyrics can be found here.

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RIPPER Streaming New Track “Neuronal Unity”

Chilean death thrash unit Ripper have released a new track from their upcoming full-length album, Experiment of Existence. Titled “Neuronal Unity”, the new four-minute powerhouse churns out high octane, hellacious thrash that aims at tearing listeners limb from limb. Check it out after the break along with the album’s artwork and track listing.

Experiment of Existence will be released on March 4 via Unspeakable Axe (CD) and Dark Descent (Vinyl)

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GRAF ORLOCK Stream New Track “Difficult Decisions In The Yutani Mess Hall”

Cinematic grindcore outfit Graf Orlock will unload their new record Crime Traveler in the new year and MetalSucks has released a new track titled “Difficult Decisions In The Yutani Mess Hall.” This track, like every Graf track, fucking destroys. Check it out after the jump. Let the paaaaain begin.     Continue reading

THIRD SOVEREIGN Streaming New Tracks “Sakei Ai Hla / Grave of Humanity” And “Dark Black”

India’s Third Sovereign have premiered two new tracks from their upcoming album, Perversion Swallowing Sanity, at No Clean Singing and Rolling Stone India. The tracks, titled “Sakei Ai Hla / Grave of Humanity “ and “Dark Black”, feature hellacious death metal rife with thrashing intensity and infectious grooves. Check out both tunes by following their respective links above.

Perversion Swallowing Sanity will be released on January 15 via Transcending Obscurity India. Pre-order here.

BLACK TUSK Streaming New Track “Born Of Strife”

Georgia’s Black Tusk have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Pillars of Ash, at Decibel. Titled “Born of Strife”, the new track barrels out of the gate with scathing metallic riffs that stampede over of the listener, while southern-tinged solo work glides over the carnage. Check out the tune at this location now.

Pillars of Ash will be released on January 29 via Relapse Records.

Black Tusk will be embarking on a tour with Royal Thunder and Bask in late January. Those dates can be found below.

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ROTTING CHRIST Announce New Album, Stream “Elthe Kyrie”

rottingchristritualsRotting Christ will release their new album, their thirteenth overall, titled Ritual in February, and that’s exciting enough. The artwork for the record also looks very promising (see above). If that’s not enough, Rotting Christ have released a new track called “Elthe Kyrie” which you can hear below. Check it. Rad.     Continue reading

ABBATH Stream New Track “Count The Dead”

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago what I thought about former Immortal frontman Abbath‘s solo project, I probably would have laughed it off. But then I started hearing tracks and, fuck. This is some great, raw, blackened tunes. The man has unleashed a new track titled “Count The Dead,” which you can now hear below. Do yourself a favor and check this out. It’s really rad.      Continue reading