THROWERS Streaming New Track “Singularity”

Throwers - Loss CD (Digipack)

German darkened hardcore outfit Throwers have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Loss, at CVLT Nation. The new track is the album’s opening number, “Singularity”, which churns out grumpy, down-tuned hardcore assaults that bleed into brooding, melancholic passages and back again. Check out the tune now.

Loss will be released on January 15 via Golden Antenna Records.



THROWERS Announce New Album “Loss”

Throwers - Loss CD (Digipack)

German dark hardcore outfit Throwers have announced the release of their debut full-length record and follow-up to 2014’s Gaunt EP. The new effort will be titled Loss (artwork above) and will be released on January 15 via Golden Antenna Records. The record was recorded and mastered at Die Tonmeisterei (Phantom Winter, Tephra etc.) and will feature seven new tracks. The album’s track listing and teaser trailer can be found after the break along with a stream of Gaunt.

Pre-order the record here.

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BEREFT Streaming New Track “Loss”

Lost Ages cover art

Wisconsin post/black metal outfit Bereft have released a new track from their forthcoming album, Lost Ages, which is due out on November 18th via Silent Pendulum Records. The new track is the nearly seven minute “Loss” and it combines melancholy-ridden black metal riffs with post-metal gruff, sludge metal groove and post-rock cinematics into one enthralling little number. You can check out the track for yourself after the break.

Pre-orders for Lost Ages can be found here.

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BELL WITCH Detail New Album; Announce Upcoming Tour

Crushing two-piece doom metallers Bell Witch have recently completed work on their upcoming album, Longing, set to be released November 13th via the forever excellent Dark Descent Records. Building upon the structure of their crushing 2011 demo debut, Bell Witch continue their strictly drum and bass doom metal aural assault on Longing, an experience which has been self-described by Profound Lore as “a slow, time-stretching trodden journey through sounds of darkness, pain, and suffering and serves as one of the saddest, morose, and most despondent, stripped down, doom metal releases of the year.” Additionally, Bell Witch will be supporting the release of Longing with a October headlining tour consisting of support from fellow labelmates LossPallbearer, and Coffinworm(wherein which you can snag a copy of Longing before its official release). Sound brutal? Check out the dates for the tour ,stream an edited and trimmed version of the first cut off of the album, “Bails (Of Flesh)”,all after the jump and decide for yourself. Continue reading

CHASMA’s Aaron Schomaker’s Top 10 Albums Of 2011

Fuck yes! Here’s my top 10 for 2011. -Aaron

10. False – False
9. Liturgy – Aesthetica
8. Esoteric – Paragon of Dissonance
7. Mournful Congregation – The Book of Kings
6. Ash Borer – Ash Borer
5. Beneath Oblivion – From Man to Dust / Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness
4. Loss – Despond / Taake – Noregs Vaapen
3. Krallice – Diotima
2. Blut Aus Nord – 777 Sect(S)


31 Days Of Halloween: Day Six

Well, it’s my turn again and today I have chosen a song that truly creeps me out every time I hear it. Actually, it’s not just this song, but his entire album. The song I have chosen is “Shallow Pulse” and it is a very dark and unnerving track off of the shockingly evil Despond. The song structure is very slow and misanthropic while the vocals are extremely slow and hollow. Basically, if you want a song that could quite possibly put an abrupt halt to the wellness factor of any setting you happen to be in, Loss is the band for you and this song just might do the trick. Enjoy or cower in fear.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Morning Jams: Doom & Gloom

I chose to dedicate today’s playlist to dark, crushing, dooming bands. All of these bands produce misanthropic, thundering tunes and all of theme execute their music in a different fashion. I have loved some of these bands for quite some time while others are new to me. Doom metal is something that I have been fond of for quite some time. In the dark times of my life, this music served a big part. Something about how slow and devastating the music is, it just made me feel something. It was like, no matter how bad shit was around me, there was a lot worse shit in the world. I know that sounds like some pussy bullshit, but it’s real. I hope you enjoy this evil playlist because I know I will. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
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