No Room For Debate: WELKIN DUSK Will Destroy You

By: Ross Gnarly
I honestly have no idea why I haven’t posted about Welkin Dusk on here before. I’ve been listening to this band for a few months now and just realized that they’ve never been featured on American Aftermath. Shame on me. Well, the time is now. This is one of the most ferocious, dark and misanthropic bands I’ve gotten into this year and they fucking destroy. Without relying on a record label, this band takes the DIY route and releases all of their music themselves. They released a demo in late 2010 and followed it up with their debut full-length, Born Into A Dying World in June of this year.

I got into Welkin Dusk a few months ago when I was searching Bandcamp for potentially interesting blackened crust bands. You see, I love bands like Wolvhammer and Black Monolith, both of whom pulverize every piece of music they create by mixing misanthropic blackness to d-beat and crust punk. A lot of bands attempt this and don’t pull it off just right to keep my attention. This is not the case with Welkin Dusk. Although personally I feel the black metal takes a stronger stance than the crust in their music, it is still absolutely incredible and I cannot keep myself from listening to them over and over again. [Continue…]