American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch EARTH CONTROL (Owen Hart) Perform during SXSW ’11

In honor of the news that the wonderful Earth Control will soon be releasing new music, I am going to share a few videos of the band performing at SXSW in 2011. Featured above is a video from the very first time I ever saw the band Owen Hart (now known as Earth Control). In the video the band performs the song “Methlaham” to about 20 people at a Brooklynvegan showcase. Overall it was a good performance but honestly, it’s kind of hard to rage to a band at 11am….

The video below is of the band playing in some random kids garage. It’s pretty awesome, maybe like four kids there have heard of the group, and yet some how they still manage to make the crowd mosh hard enough to short the power out…. At both shows I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat with the band’s vocalist for quite some time. He is a stand up dude. Ah, good times..


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— Josh Huddleston


What In The Blue Blazer: EARTH CONTROL (Formally Known As OWEN HART) Have Finished Recording Second 7″

(Editors note: Some of you may remember this band from when they used to be called Owen Hart. You can read all about the legal troubles that lead to the band’s name change in this sweet interview Ross conducted with band guitarist Tony Wolfe)

As you can see in the photo above, hardcore/metal/whatever band Earth Control have finished recording their new 7″ and are almost done mixing their unreleased “Dead Wrestler” 7″ and writing their first full length under their new moniker. Other than what is posted above, nothing is known about any of these releases. I don’t want to make any promises but we’ll see if we can’t pull a little more info out of these gentleman in the upcoming weeks, hell, maybe even with enough reader support we can get them to preview a new track…. Be a dear and leave a comment begging Earth Control to drop some new shit.


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American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch TRAP THEM & ALL PIGS MUST DIE Perform In Some Kids Garage

A few years back, I attended SXSW in Austin, TX and was looking for a show on twitter when I saw Trap Them tweeted about how they were going to be playing a house show later that night. Needless to say, I attended said show and even got there hours before any decent bands were scheduled to play. The show was in some random hipster kids garage and was nothing but local Austin acts, but since it was SXSW and there were tons of bands looking for a place to play, the show became pretty epic, pretty fast.

Not only did Trap Them agree to play, but so did Owen Hart Earth Control, Touche Amore, Gaza and All Pigs Must Die… So after waiting through all the shitty locals, Owen Hart and Touche went on, then it was a few more hours of waiting before anyone notable played. By this time, it’s getting to be pretty late and by pretty late I mean 2am, and Trap Them, Gaza and All Pigs Must Die have yet to play.

So in order to speed things up and allow enough time for everyone to perform, Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die decided to set up both their equipment at the same time and play dueling sets! After Trap Them’s first song, ironically, the police show up and try to shut the show down before All Pigs Must Die can play one song. The police were not immediately successful in shutting the show and APMD had the balls to play another song before cops could pull the power. The videos of this event are embedded above and below. I hope you enjoy yourself almost a fraction of what I did filming them. Have a nice weekend.

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— Josh Huddleston

Members of THE DRIP’s Top Albums of 2011

No particular order. -Bobby

Trap Them – Darker Handcraft
Maruta – Forward Into Regression
Rotten Sound – Cursed
Toxic Holocaust – Conjure and Command
Weekend Nachos – Worthless
Wormrot – Dirge
Exhumed – All Guts,No Glory
Elitist – Fear In A Handful Of Dust
Owen Hart – Earth Control
Scourge Schematic – Life Savings.
Brutal Truth – End Time
Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon
Big Business – Quadruple Single [ep]
Scourge Schematic – Life Savings
Noisear – Subvert The Dominant Paradigm


EARTH CONTROL’s Tony Wolfe Talks About Lawsuits

Earth Control, formerly known as Owen Hart made their mark when they were a part of the This Comp Kills Fascist Vol. 2. before that the band had only released two demos and a two song EP. After they were featured on This Comp Kills…, the band finally released their debut full-length, Earth Control. A few months after the release of Earth Control, the band announced that they had changed their name to Earth Control. I got in touch with guitarist Tony Wolfe to ask him a few questions about the band, the full-length record and the reason for the band’s sudden name change. Read on to learn these things and more. Enjoy.//Dig It or Die.

Gnarly’s Favorite Albums of 2011 So Far

Alright, I keep seeing a lot of these mid-year lists popping up so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and post my own initial list. This list contains my six favorite records so far this year. Of course, seeing as it is only a little more than half-way through 2011, this list could change quite a bit. I mean, there are still a shitload of album in my promo list and list of shit I need to buy and any of these albums could knock some of these down a peg or two. All of these albums have in constant rotation in my household since I’ve gotten them. A few honorable mentions that still need a little marinating are The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual, Endstille’s Infektion 1813, Brainoil’s Death of This Dry Season and the Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Despise You split. Check out the list below. What are your favorite albums of the year so far? Leave a comment, let me know!
~R. Gnarly
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SXSW ’11 Recap pt. 4 (Videos Included)

Friday, March 19, 2011:

I started my day off by heading to The Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Lovejoys to catch Owen Hart. This was my first time to see Owen Hart and needless to say I totally enjoyed it. They played a tight set consisting of songs off of Earth Control and This Comp Kills Fascists. After having Earth Control on constant rotation, I was pretty stoked to catch five or six songs of it.

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Review: Owen Hart – Earth Control

The sound of a violin and a snare drum open up “Nameless.” This is odd. The electric guitar fades in slowly and the song begins to take shape.  There are a lot of different things working together on this track. Blasting drum beats, one chugging guitar, one setting off a killer lead. It’s all amazing. This is a great way to open an album. “44 Black” fades straight in from “Nameless” and starts with a fury of melodic riffing and machine gun drumming. Time changes and that amazing lead guitar really set this track off. The vocalist has an unbelievable range. Gut wrenching high pitch screams to low, guttural growls. I love the guitar work on this track. I’m not quite sure what I would call this. It’s grind, but it contains a lot of elements that coincide with death metal and hardcore at the same time. This is unlike anything I’ve heard before. That’s for sure. And I fucking love it so far. “Poor Straight White Guy” opens with a face pounding drum intro that breaks into a full on assault. It’s great to see a band like this take two guitarists and use them to their full advantages. They pull off an amazing sound that is unique and unmatched. Nice chugging section beginning a 25 seconds. I also like that this band utilizes spoken word parts in their songs. And on top of the out of control music being laid down, they maintain so much melody it is extraordinary. This drummer is off the chain. Seriously, he is amazing. Damn, this is a great band. “Welcome to Worthlessville” is a shredding motherfucker. Both guitars come out blazing and the drums keep an insane pace right behind them. I am still loving these vocals. They remind me of someone, I just cannot place who at the moment. But they are amazing. This band is breaking all kinds of barriers. They got the blast beat drumming mixed with the dual guitar leads which is un-fucking-believable. This band is seriously rendering me speechless. I want to do nothing but listen. This track goes out on a nice, acoustic note. Very calming, which is odd seeing as how the rest of the track was full of melodic chaos. “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” begins like any track on this album should, a fucking melodic mess of masterful grind! This band is one of the first that I can honestly call straight up melodic grindcore. This is also some of the best grind I’ve heard in a while. I love the riffing on this track. Almost sounds like Dillinger Escape. At 1:54 the track takes a turn for the doom. Everything slows down and feedback takes over. Wow. Fucking killer! “Bombay Beach” opens with a very doom-y tone. Downtuned slow chugging guitars and a steady (yet amazing) drum beat. The vocals are spoken at the beginning and they sound fucking creepy. At 1:20 Owen Hart shows its true colors and the monster is unleashed. Insane chugging guitars turn into beautiful lead lines topped with mounds of killer drumming. The vocals sit nicely in the mix, tortured and powerful. This is one of my favorite tracks so far. “The Letter” begins with a vengeance. The entire band rushes in to bash you in the face with a melodic hammer. The drumming on this track is out of this world. Constant tempo changes and drum rolls prove that this guy is no noob behind the kit. Owen Hart is slowly becoming one of my favorite grind bands of all time. This track is… Yeah. You know. “Fuck Morrisey, Fuck The Smiths, Fuck The Cure” is not only an amazing title, the song that comes with it is fucking insane. Catchy riffing, demonic drumming patterns, hellbent vocals. Holy shit. I am officially a Owen Hart fanboy. I love the chugging riff that sets in right around the 1:00 mark. This song is utter chaotic beauty set forth by an amazingly talented band. “Methlahem.” Another great title. Another superbly catchy track. This track, as all those before it, contains complex and amazingly executed riffing with technical drumming and all out otherworldly vocal ability. I love the lead guitar work around 1:30. This is fucking unbelievable. “The Vertigo of Murray Morgan” picks up the feedback from the previous track and opens with a nice melodic guitar intro. The drums come in slowly, creating a melancholic atmosphere. It is unusual for me to find a band like this who can produce, not only an instrumental track, but two good, catchy instrumental tracks. The vibe being represented by this track is gloomy. The drums progress throughout the track, constantly changing up timing and speed. The guitar remains producing the same melodic riff from start to finish. “Evolution’s a Fact, Jack” signals the end of this album, which makes me sad. I want this to keep going. Oh, well. The riffing is a mixture of complex lead guitar work and melodic chuggings. Both of which are fucking great. The drumming, again, varies. The vocal variation is perhaps the most evident, as he is constantly switching between his high shrieks and low gurgles. The doom-y lead guitar part beginning at 2:26 is beautiful. Yes. I have used this word to describe this band. Another extraordinary lead close to the end of the track. I can honestly say Owen Hart always have something new up their sleeve on every track of this album. This was nothing like I was expecting to hear. I have only heard a select few Owen Hart songs in the past, but I can say they have now made a life long fan of me. Their musicianship is outstanding, their sound is fantastic. All around, I love this band, this album is amazing. Owen Hart have a definitely unique sound. Fucking killer.

Rating: 10/10