Best Of 2013: Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

2013bestThis has been an amazing year for music. Not just metal, but a great year for all styles and genres. I have enjoyed so many different styles of music this year as well as many, many artists within each style and it was a real pain for me to make this list. I keep this list simply to full-length albums (or LPs, kids). I used to keep it strictly metal when it came to this list and I would weed out rock for its own list, but this year I included non-metal stuff on my list as well. Not a lot of non-metal, but some nonetheless.       Continue reading

Blood & Mercy: LAKE OF BLOOD Streaming New Track

LoBLake Of Blood released their new album Omnipotens Tyrannus a few weeks ago and if you haven’t already purchased it (which you should have if you have any respect for yourself), I now offer you a little nudge in the right direction. The band has released a new song streaming over on CVLT Nation called “Blood & Mercy” and you need to take a nice, long listen. Lake Of Blood are my favorite black metal band and they never let you down with their awe-inspiring, atmospheric tunes. Go check out the new track and be sure to buy Omnipotens Tyrannus now!

Blasphemous Offerings: Sunday Blackened Sunday Playlist

BMSHello, heathens and welcome to the (damn near forgotten) Black Metal Sunday playlist. It has been quite some time since I last did one of these, but I thought it was about time it made a sickening comeback. By this point, I think most of our readers should have Spotify, as it is a great tool for vast music listening, and thus the Black Metal Sunday playlists (from this point on dubbed “Blasphemous Offerings”) will be provided through Spotify playlists put together by yours truly. Continue on after the jump for this weeks offering, featuring Lake of Blood, I Shalt Become, a new track from Aosoth and much, much more.

Go with Satan or don’t go at all. Continue reading

Review: DOCTORSHOPPER – “Degenerate Utopia”

Doctorshopper Tumblr
/ Doctorshopper Bandcamp / Download Degenerate Utopia
If I was ever asked to describe the genre of music that Doctorshopper falls into, I honestly don’t think I would be able to answer the question. I mean, there are really no definitive single genres that Doctorshopper play. Their music is here and there and all over the fucking place. I think I called them “misanthropic, goat-sacrificing, blackened doompunk” in a former review and I guess that sticks pretty well still. There are times when their music is slow and sludgy and then there are times when the tunes are on the verge of blackened grindcore with some properties of crust punk in the mix. I’ve been listening to Degenerate Utopia for the past two days and it’s a fucking beast of an album. You can read my review of the album and check out a full stream of the album below. Enjoy. [Continue…]

These Days Are Marked: BONE AWL Now Playing For #BlackMetalSunday

Good mourning. Today I chose the band Bone Awl to start off the day. If you don’t know Bone Awl, they are a black metal/punk band from Novato, California. They play fast and aggressive punk soaked in blood, sweat and distortion fuzz and topped with harsh, gut-wrenching black metal vocals. Is that enough to make you want to listen to them? It should be. It’s not hard to believe that these guys are amazing, look at all of the absolutely world-shattering black metal acts coming out of California. Triste? Lake Of Blood? Ash Borer? Xasthur? Leviathan? It’s a fucking breeding ground! So now, I command you to add Bowl Awl to your list of “must-haves.” Get down, enjoy.

~R. Gnarcvlt//#BlackMetalSunday


DEAFHEAVEN To Tour The West Coast In September.

Well, this seems like a pretty fucking killer tour and like always, I will not be attending it. That blows, yes, but it should be pretty phenomenal for people who happen to be in the affected areas. Deafheaven are hitting the road with support from DNF and the almighty Lake of Blood with support from ACxDC and others on select dates. Here is a quote from the press release and you can see the dates after the jump.

San Francisco’s Deafheaven has been turning heads since the release of their Deathwish debut, Roads to Judah, this past April. The album has seen rave reviews from print and online publications (“a welcome evolution of metal that crushes and inspires in equal measures” – Philadelphia Weekly, “unites shoegazers and metalheads on dark, sorrowful and chaotic ground” – and the band has been seen in magazines like Decibel, Metal Hammer, Hails & Horns and many more. Most recently, Deafheaven toured across the US with KEN Mode in support of the release and played a highly coveted set at this summer’s Sound & Fury festival in California. This September, Deafheaven will tour the West Coast with their friends in Lake of Blood and DNF, and will continue to play songs off of their genre-bending full-length Roads to Judah.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Review: LAKE OF BLOOD – “The Burial Ground Sessions”

By: Ross Gnarly

FYI, this album was recorded in the basement of the infamous Burial Grounds in Salem, Oregon. Live in one take.

“In Wells of Shadow” opens with a truly haunting sound to it; dark, cryptic, fuzzy and covered in feedback. The guitar work is very slow and dooming, the drum as well. Just after the two minute mark, the track begins to move. Still trudging along at a snail’s pace, the unholy dooming is thunderous. The vocals are very low in the mix. I believe that would be a side-effect of this being recorded absolutely live. Don’t get me wrong, this is unbelievable. Right before the four minute mark, the black metal makes it’s triumphant entrance. The atmosphere and haunting qualities of the droning intro still stand, but they are no accompanied by the blasting, pulverizing drums and the blistering riffs. The vocals remain the same, raw and vicious. I love the overall atmosphere on this track. This is something you cannot get while recording in a studio. For this, the music has to be played in a live setting. The guitars slow down around the seven minute mark, but the drums continue to smash along. The guitars take off once more. I love these tortured vocals around eight minutes in. This song bounces around quite a bit, tempo-wise, which is something that I don’t mind. I really love this track. It has everything I love about black metal: atmosphere, rawness, misanthropy and pure fucking adrenaline. Yes, sir. [Continue Reading]

LAKE OF BLOOD Enter The Wells of Shadow.

Okay, I think you people know by now that I have a mad bro-ner for the SoCal black metal band Lake of Blood. I have relentlessly blogged about them since I first got my hands on their latest album As Time And Tide Erodes Stone and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Well, mi amigos in Lake of Blood are preparing to unleash a limited edition record titled The Burial Ground Sessions via Eternal Warfare Records. This will mark the debut of new bassist Krajavic and drummer Xsithis.

So, you want to hear this new song? Sure thing! Just head on over to Brooklyn Vegan and listen to this amazingly orchestrated 12 minute beast. I have no foul words to say about this song, as with all of Lake of Blood’s previous material. It’s absolutely amazing. Also available on Brooklyn Vegan is a song from the Lake of Blood/Panopticon split called “Eternal In My Domain.” Again, this song is killer and should be listened to. Lake of Blood plan to release the split on their Bandcamp page. Check it out. On their Bandcamp you can also download As Time And Tide Erode Stone for the simple price of what ever you want. Dig it.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Gnarly’s Favorite Black Metal Albums of 2011 So Far.

My writers and I have been posting out favorite albums of 2011 so far, so I thought I would do something special and post about my favorite black metal albums of 2011 so far. There are still a lot of albums yet to come out or that I haven’t gotten to hear just yet. Some of my favorites have been…

Lake of Blood – As Time and Tide Erodes Stone
You all know my obvious love to Lake of Blood. Not only are they homies, they are a fucking phenomenal band. Easily one of the, if not the, best album of the year. The only thing keeping me from saying that flat out is because we have quite a few months before the end of the year. I am positive, however that this album will remain very, very high on my list. [Continue Reading]

Gnarly’s Favorite Albums of 2011 So Far

Alright, I keep seeing a lot of these mid-year lists popping up so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and post my own initial list. This list contains my six favorite records so far this year. Of course, seeing as it is only a little more than half-way through 2011, this list could change quite a bit. I mean, there are still a shitload of album in my promo list and list of shit I need to buy and any of these albums could knock some of these down a peg or two. All of these albums have in constant rotation in my household since I’ve gotten them. A few honorable mentions that still need a little marinating are The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual, Endstille’s Infektion 1813, Brainoil’s Death of This Dry Season and the Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Despise You split. Check out the list below. What are your favorite albums of the year so far? Leave a comment, let me know!
~R. Gnarly
//Dig It or Die. [Continue Reading]

When LAKE OF BLOOD Offer You A Free Download, You Fucking Do It.

Mi amigos, Lake of Blood (who I have absolutely fallen in love with over the last few months), being the sweethearts they are, have released their latest album As Time And Tide Erode Stone as a digital download via their Bandcamp page for the amazing price of NAME YOUR OWN. If you have not listened to this album, I highly recommend, nay, I demand you go listen to it right now. This album is a contender for a very high spot on my year-end list. It is fucking incredible. So go now, my children. Go forth and download As Time And Tide Erode Stone. It may very well be one of the best things you do all year. If you want to read my reviews of the albums two tracks, go here and here or if you’d like to read my interview with Samael and Nordic, go here. GO DOWNLOAD THIS FUCKING ALBUM! Be generous, throw the guys a few bucks. Something. Spread the word like fucking cancer. Lake of Blood is extraordinary.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Exclusive Interview: Samael and Nordic of LAKE OF BLOOD

If you have been paying attention to this site for the last few months, you may have noticed that I have a certain fondness for the American black metal band Lake of Blood. I reviewed the band’s latest album “As Time And Tide Erode Stone” here and here and the album was the Album of The Week on here a few weeks ago. I recently caught up with two rather mysterious members of Lake of Blood and I learned quite a bit, I think. Read on to learn about “As Time And Tide Erode Stone,” their thoughts on the American black metal scene and much more. Enjoy.
~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die

Can you introduce yourselves? What are your names and what do you do in the band?
[Continue Reading]


Hello! Welcome to your annual Black Metal Sunday playlist. This week, I have put together a very special USBM playlist. A lot of these bands you may be familiar with, some you may not be. I hope you enjoy this, because I know I will. Let the black metal flow.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Song Review: LAKE OF BLOOD’s “Destroyer of Vices”

All day today I have listened to Lake of Blood’s latest offering As Time And Tide Erode Stone. Over and over again. It is amazing. This is the first taste I have had of these American black hearts. The music they produce is both epic and cryptic. Everything about this album screams profound knowledge of musicianship and execution of black metal.

Both tracks are fantastic, epic masterful black metal opuses. The first track, “Proxigean Arcanum” clocks in at just over 17 minutes while the second track, “Destroyer Of Vices” maxes out at 15 and a half minutes. Wow. These two tracks make up the awesomeness that is As Time And Tide Erode Stone. Prepare as I give you a complete breakdown of the 15 1/2 minute track, “Destroyer of Vices.” [Continue Reading]