Exclusive Interview: DYSTROPHY


New Jersey technical death metal outfit Dystrophy released their second LP, Wretched Host, independently this past June, but they’ve recently teamed up with Selfmadegod to give the album a proper worldwide release. And thank you, Selfmadegod, for that! Because Wretched Host is quite the impressive slab of modern tech-death, mixing traditional influences with stunning technicality and a fresh, progressive approach. In this interview with American Aftermath, we chat with guitarist Peter Lloyd about Wretched Host, working with the label and how Dystrophy’s sound has evolved since their 2010 debut, as well as the challenges of writing complex, technical music and more. Continue reading

WAKE Prepare To Slay The West Coast This Autumn


Canuck grindcore band WAKE will be laying waste to the Best Coast this autumn.
Commencing on Oct. 30 in Vancouver on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve, and heading down south to LA to play Grindcore 2015 before heading back up north to their home in the Great White North, hitting Boise on their way back.

Aptly named the “LET US BURN TOUR” WAKE will be combusting spontaneously for nearly two weeks playing shows with such greats as The Infamous Gehenna and Theories  before culminating at peak core temperature at Grindcore 2015: In Memoriam of Jesse Pintado where they will be settin’ the house on fire with such heavy hitting greats like Cripple Bastards, Excel, Despise You, Spazztic Blurr, among many other stellar bands on the more extreme and speedy side of things.

Click on after the break for their official tour poster, a full rundown of WAKE’s tour dates, and the poster for Grindcore 2015. The totally rad and gnarly extreme music fest going down in LA on Nov. 6-7:

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VOID OF SLEEP Release “Slaves Shall Serve” Lyric Video


Psychedelic Stoner/sludge rock quartet Void of Sleep have premiered the official lyric video for their new track, “Slaves Shall Serve”, at New Noise. Taken from their forthcoming New World Order LP, “Slaves Shall Serve” features a healthy dose of hazy-eyed stoner grooves and pummeling rhythms. Vocalist/guitarist Burdo says of the track:

“‘Slaves Shall Serve’ is absolutely the most genuine and in-your-face song of the new record and it brings out our most valuable Stoner Rock spirit with bombastic riffs and wicked grooves. Lyrically the song gets in the heart of the concept of the entire album with darkened and occult themes.”

Check out the song/clip after the break.

New World Order will be released digitally worldwide on October 18, with CD editions coming October 16 (Europe) and November 13 (North America).

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MAGIC CIRCLE Streaming New Track “A Ballad For The Vultures”

Magic_Circle_72 [photo credit Dakota Gordon] [Photo by Dakota Gordon]

Boston doom metal outfit Magic Circle have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Journey Blind, at Decibel. Titled “A Ballad for the Vultures”, the new track features over seven minutes of classic doom metal that channels the likes of Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath. It’s heavy and catch as hell, what more could you ask for? Stream the track after the break.

Journey Blind will be released on November 20 via 20 Buck Spin.

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FORCED ORDER Announce Fall And Winter Tour Dates

forced order-live

Southern California hardcore outfit Forced Order have booked both fall and winter tour dates on both American and European soil. From October 9 to November 7, the band will be playing a handful of shows in their home state alongside Ceremony, Soul Search, Burn and Trapped Under Ice. On November 18, the band will join Turnstile on a European trek that will extend through November 30. Finally, the band have booked another handful of California shows with Foundation that will commence in January of neat year. All of those dates can be found after the break.

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PSEUDO/SENTAI Release “Classic Tactics Of Xenocide” Lyric Video

PseudoSentai-drink up [photo by Taylor Foiles] [Photo By Taylor Foiles]

New York experimental rock trio Pseudo/Sentai have premiered the official lyric video for their track, “Classic Tactics of Xenocide”, at Bloody Disgusting. Taken from their impending Bansheeface LP, the new track is composed of angular progressive rock nuances and eccentric, carnival-esque melodies. The band offered the following comments regarding the new tune:

“Humans regard themselves as absolute predators. We do not live with a fear of being manufactured prey. ‘Classic Tactics of Xenocide’ is set in a world where our food chain equals have decided to annihilate us in response to a perceived action, one that we ourselves didn’t even commit. There is little left to do but detach ourselves, escape from the situation and witness it through a safety lens until they finally come to get us. ‘Enjoy being you while you still can.’”

Check out the track/video after the break.

Bansheeface will be released on October 16.

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RAM Streaming New Track “The Usurper”

RAM byMagnusLindgren_01 [Photo by Magnus Lindgren]

Swedish heavy metal outfit Ram have premiered a new track from their upcoming album,  Svbversvm, at Heavy Blog is Heavy. Titled “The Usurper”, the new track is full of classic heavy metal heart that Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and the like would be proud of. Check it out now.

Svbversvm will be released on October 30 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order here.

RAMLEH Announce New Album “Circular Time”


UK noise legends Ramleh have announced the release of a new double-album full-length. The new album will be titled Circular Time and will feature nearly two hours of new material spanning across two discs. The record is due out on November 20 via Crucial Blast. The album’s artwork and track listing can be seen after the break.

Ramleh are set to perform a series of rare live shows in California in early 2016. Stand by for more details as they become available.

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Detroit psycho punks Child Bite have premiered their cover of Celtic Frost‘s “The Usurper”, at Decibel. The new cover, which features the vocals of Philip Anselmo, will be featured on the upcoming Celtic Frost tribute, Morbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost, which is due out on November 13 via Corpse Flower Records. Check it out here.

Pre-order Morbid Tales at this location.

HE WHOSE OX IS GORED Streaming New Album “The Camel, The Lion, The Child”

HWOIG by Myke Pelly low

Seattle doomgazers He Whose Ox is Gored have premiered their upcoming full-length debut, The Camel, The Lion, The Child, at Invisible Oranges. The album will be officially released Friday, October 9, via Bleeding Light Records. Pre-orders are still available here. After several EPs and splits, the band come into their own on this leviathanic album. It features an eclectic sludge style that is unique to them and them alone. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Be sure to catch the band on tour this fall. The touring itinerary can be found below.

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HORRENDOUS Streaming New Track “Oxymandias”


Philadelphia death metal trio Horrendous have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Anareta, at Invisible Oranges. Titled “Ozymandias”, the new track features seven minutes of classic, blistering death metal rife with scathing riffs and spiraling licks. Check out the jam for yourself after the break.

Anareta will be released on October 30 via Dark Descent Records. Pre-order here.

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BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS Completes Recording Of New Album “Carrier”


German sludge/doom outfit Black Shape of Nexus announced that they have finished recording and mixing their fourth full-length record and follow-up to 2012’s Negative Black. The  new record, titled Carrier, is currently being mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and will be finalized for release through Exile On Mainstream in the Spring of 2016 on CD and 2xLP. The album will feature six tracks, including a Hellhammer cover, and will be over 50 minutes in length. Vocalist Malte Seidel issued the following statement:

Carrier is the result of a band being in a constant state of deterioration. Doing a record is a very unpleasant and harmful process for us. Creating Negative Black already was a nightmare, but with Carrier the understanding of the term nightmare needs to be expanded. This is not being said to play the ‘tension and dissent create great art’ card. This album is not art. This album is not musicianship. This album is simply the album that we were able to do under the current circumstances while sometimes asking ourselves if a split-up would not be the better option. The final mix of Carrier is done at the moment.”

More information on the record will be revealed in the months to come. In the meantime, stream Negative Black after the break.

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VISION OF DISORDER Streaming New Track “Hours In Chaos”

Vision of Disorder

New York metallic hardcore outfit Vision of Disorder have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Razed To The Ground, at Lambgoat. Titled “Hours In Chaos”, the new track churns out incendiary instrumentation that offer up all the beatdowns necessary to constitute a good metallic hardcore jam. Vocalist Tim Williams commented on the new track:

“It’s a song to awaken people to what is going on around them; the unrest, the guns, the utter disregard for human life. The world has become a dangerous place. I feel I’ve illustrated the feelings of anxiety and insecurity that is so prevalent today.”

Guitarist Mike Kennedy adds:

“This song embodies everything that is VOD,…Politically relevant and musically explosive, ‘Hours In Chaos’ is one of the most raw and powerful tracks VOD has ever written.”

The track can now be streamed here.

Razed To The Ground will be released on November 13 via Candlelight Records. Pre-order here.

GIANT SQUID Announce Indefinite Hiatus

California’s aquatic-themed sludge purveyors Giant Squid have announced that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Guitarist and vocalist Aaron Gregory stated that there are no new plans to write another album or play any new shows at this time, but feels there is more to be said by the band in the future. Gregory mentioned new musical projects, vinyl re-releases and other special releases and merchandise to keep the band alive. The entire statement can be read after the break.

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BIRDS IN ROW Streaming New Track “O’Dear”

Birds In Row (Deathwish Inc.) premiere panicked love song on “O’Dear” (exclusive)

French hardcore outfit Birds In Row have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP, Personal War, at Alternative Press. The new track is titled “O’Dear” and it barrels forth with driving, melodic hardcore that is as blistering as it is emotive. Stream the three-minute stunner at this location.

Personal War will be released on October 30 via Deathwish, Inc. Pre-order here.

Additionally, the band will be releasing a split 7″ with WAITC on October 30. That release can be picked up here.