ORANSSI PAZUZU Announce New Album “Värähtelijä”

Oranssi-Pazuzu-2-photo-by-Pauliina-Lindell.jpg [Photo by Pauliina Lindell]

Finnish cosmic black metal outfit Oranssi Pazuzu have announced the release of their fourth full-length album and follow-up to 2013’s  Valonielu. The new record will be titled Värähtelijä and will be released on February 26, 2016 via 20 Buck Spin (North America) and Svart (world). The band issued the following comments regarding the upcoming, over 70-minute voyage:

“Värähtelijä is continuing where we left off with Valonielu, but it plunges deeper into the pitch black hypnosis, combines progressive song structures to more free and flowing parts. At the same time, it’s the heaviest and the most atmospheric album we`ve done so far. The fusion between different ends of spectrum reveals new realities we`ve never discovered before. We really wanted this album to go to new places and to be the crossover album of genres we always wanted to do. To further boost the idea, the album was done with Julius Mauranen who had previously done lots of Finnish shoegaze and indie pop albums. I think it’s safe to say that this is by far the heaviest stuff he has done and for us, working with a guy like him stretched our sound to much more dynamic and trippy horizons. Lyrics-wise, the songs revolve around tripping in a psyche-space, with each song representing a vision or mirage that will be revealed to the listener. They are individual, but contain common elements with themes of unknown, sacrifice, transcendence, hate, hierarchy of power and, in the end, becoming a part of the cosmos through death.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with a stream of Valonielu.

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SUNN O))) Stream New Album “Kannon”

Can you believe it has been six years since the last Sunn O))) album was released? Crazy, huh? Well, the godfathers of drone are back with their new album Kannon, which will see release on Friday. If you’re thinking to yourself “wait, I don’t want to wait that long to hear new Sunn O)))!” have I got news for you. You guessed it, the band are currently streaming this phenomenal, monumental record right now through Rolling Stone. Get you some below. It’s fucking great.     Continue reading

WREKMEISTER HARMONIES (THE BODY, INDIAN, Etc) Streaming New Track “Run Priest Run”

WH Katie Hovland [Photo by Katie Hovland]

Wrekmeister Harmonies have premiered a new track from their upcoming full-length, Night of Your Ascension, at Revolver. Titled “Run Priest Run”, the new track features 12 minutes of slow-burning, experimental doom. Cataclysmic bass lines and primal percussion thunder throughout the track, while multiple layers of instrumentation, noise and vocals meld together above the rhythm. Stream the track after the break.

Wrekmesieter Harmonies is a music collective, led by J.R. Robinson, which boasts a cast of nearly 30 musicians including  Lee Buford and Chip King (both of The Body), Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Cooper Crain (Cave), Marissa Nadler, Mary Lattimore, Olivia Block, Eric Chaleff (Bloodiest), Dylan O’Toole and Ron DeFries (both of Indian), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea), Mark Solotroff (Anatomy Of Habit), Solomon Lee Walker, Chris Brokaw (Come), and Jaime Fennelly (Mind Over Mirrors).

Night of Your Ascension will be released on November 13 via Thrill Jockey. Pre-order here.

The band’s upcoming tour dates can be seen below as well.

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HARMONIC CROSS Release “Taman Shud” Video, Stream New Album

harmonic_cross [photo by Ebru Yildiz]

Ambient trio Harmonic Cross (ex-Darkest Hour) have unleashed the official video for their track “Taman Shud” over at Noisey. The cinematic track, which comes from the group’s recently released album, It Is Finished, is set to an abstract and darkly beautiful clip that compliments the sonic nature of the tune quite well. The video can be viewed after the break.

It Is Finished is out now via Magic Bullet Records and can be picked up here. Stream the album in full at Decibel now.

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CHELSEA WOLFE Streaming New Track “Grey Days”

It has been documented that I was not into Chelsea Wolfe until she started promoting Abyss. I have since gone back and listened and, while I do not dislike the music at all, I think Abyss may be Chelsea‘s grand slam. All of the songs so far released have been absolutely mind blowing, the most recent of which is currently playing. “Grey Days” is a bleak, outstanding, haunting track that thunders and lulls all at the same time. Check it out below. Do it.     Continue reading

PANOPTICON Release “Autumn Eternal” Teaser

Kentucky-based atmospheric black metal act Panopticon will release their new album Autumn Eternal in October and the band has issued a teaser of the album. Now, unlike most album teasers, the teaser for Autumn Eternal is a whopping THIRTEEN MINUTES LONG. Holy shit, right? Well, that’s thirteen minutes of Panopticon that I didn’t have before and I now do. Check out the teaser below. YES.     Continue reading

Review: LOCRIAN – “Infinite Dissolution”


Mankind’s inevitable extinction is not a foreign concept to heavy music artists. The mere idea of the human race ceasing to exist resonates profoundly within the metal and hardcore world. There are those who warn of the end of days and critique humanity, and there are those whose dissatisfaction with human beings instills a desire to accelerate the rate of the coming extinction. Either way, the concept is not a new one no matter how it is addressed. So what makes Locrian‘s Infinite Dissolution any different, other than the fact that is not strictly a “metal” album? The Chicago/Baltimore-based experimental trio’s approach to music attempts to revitalize an almost archaic concept and examine it with fresh eyes and ears. Locrian do not wish to preach to humankind about their self-destructive actions, nor do they wish to damn all of us on Earth either. Through multi-faceted compositions and non-linear narration, Infinite Dissolution urges the listener to reflect on the inevitability of the end; a bleak concept the band makes somber and beautiful simultaneously.

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BLACK WING (HAVE A NICE LIFE) Streaming New Track “I Let Him In”

Have a Nice Life‘s Dan Barrett has premiered a new track from his new electronic-centered Black Wing project over at Tiny Mixtapes. The new track, which comes from the upcoming album …Is Doomed, is the eight-minute closing number “I Let Him In”. The track features melancholic yet bright and buzzing synths and atmospherics that will bring to mind the likes of Zombi, Salem, or the “Drive” film soundtrack of which Black Wing was partially inspired by. Head over to Tiny Mixtapes to check it out now.

…Is Doomed will be released on September 25 via The Flenser.

IIVII Release Music Video For “On The Shores Of Markarian 335”

IIVIII didn’t know a lot about IIVII before going into this post, but now I’m into it. IIVII is the space-worshipping soundscape project of Josh Graham, who has spent time in the ranks of Red Sparrowes, Battle Of Mice and A Storm Of Light as well as various other projects. Josh will release the debut, self-titled album will be released next month and a music video for the track “On The Shores Of Markarian 335” has been released. It is a beautiful video with a great concept. You can check it out below. Please, do it.      Continue reading

HARMONIC CROSS Announce New Album “It Is Finished”, Stream New Track

[photo by Ebru Yildiz]

Virginian experimental drone/ambient trio Harmonic Cross have announced the release of their debut full-length record. The new album will bear the title It Is Finished and will see a digitial release through Magic Bullet Records on July 17, with a vinyl pressing to follow on July 24. The release, which was tracked live and mixed by the band’s own Brent Eyestone and mastered by Dan Randall (“House of Cards”, “The Walking Dead”, etc), will feature six songs in the ambient vein that serve as a conceptual soundtrack to the Taman Shud Case. The album’s artwork and track listing can be found below.

No Clean Singing recently premiered the meditative, minimalistic MLIAOI” from the album for your streaming enjoyment as well.

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JASON W. WALTON (AGALLOCH) Streaming New Track “Yakshi”

Agalloch/Self Spiller’s Jason W. Walton has premiered the second track to his new 7″ solo release, Mara, over at Decibel. The new track is the unsettling, droning “Yakshi”, which sounds as if you are trapped inside a pitch black abyss in which unseen, inhuman organisms are flying around you waiting for their chance to strike. Obsequiae‘s Tanner Anderson lends his throat-searing vocals to the track, only driving it further into frightening territory. Walton offered the following comments on the track:

“I wrote the Mara EP as a way to process and document my episodes with sleep paralysis…’Yakshi’ is the second and final track of Mara, and deals with the terror and helplessness one experiences when in the throes of sleep paralysis. In this state, your mind is awake, yet your body is paralyzed. Your cries of desperation travel no further than your own head and are obscured by the buzzing waves of darkness. ‘Yakshi’ encapsulates this experience and gives me surges of anxiety each time I listen.”

Check it out at this location and stream the previously released track, “Alp”, if you missed it.

Mara is out now via Red Orchard Records. Pick up your copy here.

JASON W. WALTON (AGALLOCH) Streaming New Track “Alp”

Agalloch and Self Spiller‘s Jason W. Walton has premiered a new track from his forthcoming 7″ release, Mara, over at CVLT Nation. The new track, titled “Alp”, features five minutes of chilling, droning soundscapes, somber piano and collections of field recordings. It’s a dark and surreal experience that is only heightened by the fact that the track and its B-side were thematically composed around Walton‘s struggle with sleep paralysis. Experience it for yourself at this location.

Mara will be released on June 21 via Red Orchard Records and can be pre-ordered here.