Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews Of CHAIN GANG GRAVE And HEAT DEATH

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Chain Gang Grave – Bury Them and Keep Quiet

Bury Them and Keep Quiet cover art

Brooklyn’s Chain Gang Grave return hot on the heels of their 2014 EP, When Your Friends Become Cops, with a new scathing and antisocial extended play. The release in question is Bury Them and Keep Quiet; a six-track earache inducer full of noisy, grimy, disfigured hardcore fun. The release begins, naturally, with a swell of feedback that leads into a menacing metallic riff on “Green Star Eye”. Acidic vocals lead the lurching song forward as it morphs into a terrorizing cacophony and further into galloping beatdowns. “Snake Bite Blues” follows shortly after with raw and malformed hardcore chord progressions and d-beat that are eventually swallowed by walls of feedback and spat out as new, dissonant shapes. “Aviary”‘s two-minute romp cycles between drunken Jesus Lizard eccentricity and death metal parodying riffs, while “Who Taught You” switches between disfigured blues melodies and monolithic sonic destruction. “Invisible Fist” starts of with some grumpy, chugging action before launching into a cavalcade of writhing and twitching, atonal guitar regurgitation. The EP ends with the most “straightforward” hardcore number on the release, “Prime Numbers”. Hammering percussion walks hand-in-hand with mosh worthy chords, soaked in toxic atmosphere, towards the song’s explosive conclusion. It’s a blistering little release that warrants repeated listens, despite the damage it inflicts. Fans of the noisy and nasty should not miss out on Chain Gang Grave.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: November 13, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Snake Bite Blues” and “Invisible Fist”
For Fans Of: Flipper, Scratch Acid, Fight Amp, Cellos and Ladder Devils


Heat DeathFathers and Mothers/Daughters and Brothers

Fathers and Mothers/Daughters and Brothers cover art

Louisiana natives James Ducote and Marcus Lemoine (also of White Spot) have joined forces in a promising new noise rock project under the name of Heat Death. In contrast to Lemoine’s work in the more eccentric White Spot, Heat Death appears to be going in a more straightforward direction as their debut single release suggests. The extremely brief two-track single begins with the instrumental “Fathers and Mothers”. Melacholic, psuedo-western clean bass lines reverberate among a hollow background as subtle, shimmering ambient effects can be heard fluttering beneath. The short intro leads into the main event, “Daughters and Brothers”. The blistering two-minute track explodes out of the gate with buzzing bass grooves and manic drumming that are propelled by Lemoine’s insane, yet apathetic yells. The attack bleeds into an extended section of bass meandering and drunken vocal ramblings before returning back to the initial bombardment. With these two tracks it is hard to say where Heat Death will go. But if the path White Spot has been following is any indication, Heat Death is sure to be something promising.

Rating: 6/10
Label: Independent
Release Date: September 11, 2015
For Fans Of: The Jesus Lizard, Cows and Blacklisters


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