THEOLOGIAN To Release Two New Titles In Late December

THEOLOGIAN-Devil'sNight2015-3[photobyGretchenHeinel] [Photo by Gretchen Heinel]

New York sound experimenters Theologian have announced the release of two new albums, the first of many new titles to be released in the coming months. The first release is titled Dregs, which initially was planned to be an EP but has since expanded into 80 minutes worth of new music, spanning over the course of nine tracks. The second release is titled Black Fire Theology, which is a collaborative effort between Theologian and Russell McEwan of Glaswegian doom act Black Sun. Both releases are slated to be released on December 30 via Annihilvs Power Electronix in CDR and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here and here along with demos and early versions of upcoming tracks.

Theologian will also be releasing a new full-length titled Contrapasso, which is slated to be released sometime in Spring 2016.


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