CULT OF LUNA And THE OLD WIND Announce “Råångest” Split EP

COLTOWfinalCOver small

Post-metal acts Cult of Luna and The Old Wind have announced the release of their new split EP. The new split will be titled Råångest and will be released through Pelagic Records on January 29, 2016. The release will feature Cult of Luna covering Amebix’s “Last Will and Testament” and two new tracks from The Old Wind titled “Wooden Scythe” and “Daughters of Cleanse”. Cult of Luna guitarist Johannes Persson commented on the new cover:

I discovered Amebix pretty late but when I did it was like discovering a musical father I never knew I had. The monolith album was before it’s time and deserves much more recognition for being on the musical fore front. It’s harsh and bleak and was the soundtrack of last winter for me. To cover a song without bringing your own soul into it is completely useless in my opinion so we’ve taken a few liberties with it, hopefully without destroying the essence of it.

Pre-orders for the split can be found here and a A/V trailer of the release can be viewed after the break.


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