AHTME Sign With Unique Leader Records, Announce “The Demonization” Reissue


Kansas City technical death metal outfit Ahtme (formerly The Roman Holiday) have announced they have signed with tech metal enthusiasts Unique Leader Records. The aforementioned label will be reissuing their first recording, The Demonization during the winter of 2016. The album was originally recorded with Navene Koperweis (Animosity, etc) back in 2009, under the name The Roman Holiday, but never received an official release. The band also announced they have finished writing their first full-length as Ahtme. The band’s official statement can be found below along with a stream of The Demonization.

“We are excited to announce that we have signed a deal with Unique Leader. We can’t explain how awesome it is to be featured alongside all these incredible bands and such a talented roster of death metal musicians. Our first album as Ahtme is fully written and we are VERY quickly making progress in hammering out every little detail. We can’t wait to work with UL for these new releases and we hope to carve out a little home for ourselves here among all these other incredible artists! Thanks to everyone who has been a fan over the years and cheers to the future! Hail Ahtme!”


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