OLD WOUNDS Release Music Video For “On Leather Wings”

old woundsI love my homies in Old Wounds. They are a seriously consistent band who always crush and always intrigue. The band has just unleashed their music video for their track “On Leather Wings” which comes off of their most recent album Suffering Spirit. The video is phenomenal and after the jump you can check it out along with a blurb from the bands vocalist Brandon about the video. Check it! SO GOOD.     

“We wanted shoot a horror movie that was a sequel to our ‘Son of No One‘ video, and that’s what we did. What’s more gnarly than a sequel where an unsuspecting band member gets bagged, beaten, buried alive, and brought back from the dead? At times we were actually beating Mikey up, but he handled it like a true champ. All in the name of art, right? I guess that’s why he looks like such a psycho while he mercilessly kills all of us. The track has heavy Danzig and Type O Negative vibes, so I’m stoked that we were able shoot a video that matches the aesthetic. Happy Halloween, motherfuckers.”


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