CONAN Announces New Album “Revengeance”

Heavyhitting doom horde Conan have just announced that they will release their new record Revengeance in the new year! It’s been a while since we got new Conan material, so I am beyond stoked. Today we got the albums title, the aforementioned Revengeance, the album art (above) and the track list (below). Take it all in. We should be getting a song or two in the near future I’d suspect.    

1. Throne of Fire
2. Thunderhoof
3. Wrath Gauntlet
4. Revengeance
5. Every Man Is An Enemy
6. Earthenguard

Revengeance will be released in January. The band had this to say:

Revengeance is a collection of songs that we (Jon, Chris and Rich) are really proud of. These tracks were written in the period between October 2014 and September 2015 and we’re excited to get them out into the open. The album will contain one or two surprises but one consistent factor is our eternal devotion to heaviness. We are looking forward to playing these songs live at a venue near you, see you there…”


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