WILDERNESS DREAM Streaming New Self-Titled EP

Wilderness Dream cover

Bay Area hardcore/thrash unit Wilderness Dream are currently streaming their upcoming self-titled EP on their Bandcamp page. The album is officially out Friday, October 16 via Creator-Destructor Records and can be purchased here. The album is a high octane crossover thrill ride with an overabundance of blistering riffs and fiery drumming. You can expect to lose a few teeth by the time it is over. Check it out after the break along with the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Tour Dates:
10/18/2015 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA w/ Landmine Marathon
10/26/2015 The Metro – Oakland, CA w/ Katakalysm, Belphegor
10/27/2015 Knockout – San Francisco, CA * record release show w/ Mohicans, Glacier Eater
10/30/2015 The Fest 14 – Gainesville, FL
11/27/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Fuck the Facts
11/30/2015 PB&Js – Reno, NV w/ Maruta, Vattnet Viskar
12/19/2015 Hemlock – San Francisco, CA


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