Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews Of DEADSPEAKER And COORDINATED SUICIDES

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Deadspeaker – Sounds of Sorrow

Andreas Folkow, the multi-instrumentalist behind the metalcore entity Deadspeaker, follows up 2013’s Our World Left Behind with another seven tracks of catchy, metallic heaviness. The new EP, Sounds of Sorrow, doesn’t stray far from the path its predecessor laid out, but instead harnesses its strengths and perfects them. As a whole, Deadspeaker isn’t doing anything revolutionary in terms of modern metalcore. But thankfully, much like on Our World Left Behind, Sounds of Sorrow rejects most clichés found in the genre today while still appealing to those partial to that sound. The EP begins with the emotionally heavy “Dedication”. Through ethereal choral samples, a piano heavy lead and Folkow’s fiery screams, “Deadication” sets the tone for the album and puts the “sorrow” in “Sounds of Sorrow”. The one-two punch of “Deception” and “Soulless” provide the most metallic beatdowns this release has to offer. “Deception” churns out driving, incendiary post-hardcore-esque chord progressions that march towards a final climax of volcanic heaviness. “Soulless” creeps in afterward with  galloping riffs that charge rapidly like a stampede of mechanical steeds that crush skulls underneath their hooves. The only issue with the track is its short electronic interlude, which sounds forced and derivative of other metalcore groups. Instead of ending on a softer note, Deadspeaker chose to end in a blaze of metal glory with “Sinister”. The short two-minute tune unleashes thunderous chugging interlaced with melodic licks and blistering grooves and leaves the listener battered. Despite its shortcomings, Sounds of Sorrow is a solid release for what it is.  Some songs may be considered your standard metalcore affair, but the majority of the EP puts its contemporaries to shame.

Rating: 6/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Dedication”, “Soulless”, “Deception” and “Sinister”
For Fans Of: The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red and The Color Morale


Coordinated Suicides – Life Is Beautiful 

Life Is Beautiful cover art

Contrary to its title, there is nothing beautiful or positive to be found on Life Is Beautiful, only insanity. This unhinged, 45 minute record is the debut full-length effort from Madison, Wisconsin trio Coordinated Suicides. Contained within these 10 tracks is a sound that could be described as the backbone of Amphetamine Reptile’s catalog, mixed with aggressive Melvins cuts and Bleach-era Nirvana. It’s an oppressive thrill ride that calls into the question the mental stability of its creators. The album barrels out of the gate, drenched in feedback, with the triple threat of “Transition”, “Morals” and “Rabbits”. These tracks feature highly distorted, buzzing, wild-eyed riffs that are propelled by pummeling percussion and throbbing bass lines. The guitars conjure grimy grooves that hearken to the earliest days of grunge, as well as dissonant and noisy chord shapes and angular debauchery. Throat searing yells, dripping with psychosis, are the icing on this noise rock cake. These high octane hell-raisers are spread throughout the album, allowing enough room for the band to experiment with other ear splitting arrangements. “Gorgeous” scales back the speed in favor of cataclysmic, stomping sludge madness that is reminiscent of older Helmet material at times. “Lychee” revolves around a repetitive bass groove that writhes throughout the majority of the track and allows discombobulating, abstract riffs and guitar generated noise to rest upon its shoulders. “Paulie” also revolves around a repetitive, churning rhythm that is as hypnotic as it is nauseating. The guitars vomit these sickening, piercing dissonant riffs that instill a feeling of vertigo in the listener. During the bridge, the band briefly abandon this Arab on Radar– style noise fest in favor of some raw, post-punk inspired instrumentation before returning to the chaos. It may be erratic and a little bonkers, but by the time the final track comes to a close listeners will be itching to spin the record again. Fans of noise rock of all shapes and sizes should not miss out on this solid LP.

Rating: 8/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: September 3, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Transition”, “Morals”, “Rabbits”, “Lychee” and “Camp”
For Fans Of: Flipper, Melvins, Cows and The Jesus Lizard


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