Review: LODGES – “See God”


France has become (or maybe it always has been) a breeding ground for some of the most forward-thinking and devastating heavy music out there today. Bands like Death Engine, Cowards, Warsawwasraw and Nesseria have all released tremendous albums in the past few years. The country continues its onslaught of solid releases with See God; the debut full-length from Parisian hardcore outfit Lodges. See God follows the band’s 2013 EP, Walking On Hands and Knees, and while it may  not differ drastically stylistically from its predecessor, it is without a doubt more aggressive


See God lulls the listener into a false sense of security with smooth, clean guitar chords on the introductory track, “Heaven’s Night”. Minimal electronic noise slowly gains in volume and severity as the track bleeds right into the metallic beatdown of “Triumph Over You”. Galloping, chugging, hellacious riffs dish out auditory abuse and bloodshed, while melodious choruses briefly soften the blow before shoving the listener’s face back into the fire. Lodges waste no time continuing their warpath as they churn out throat-slitting track after throat-slitting track.  The one-two punch of “The Gift” and “Caraco” leaves the body battered, bruised and immobilized. The track “Caraco” itself features some of the deadliest moments on the record with its slaughtering, dissonant riffs and its corrosive, metallic hardcore style. “Trainwreck” briefly breaks the mold of the record with lumbering, sludge-tinged riffs and absurdly catchy clean vocals. Although it seems a bit out of place on the record, it is a memorable tune nonetheless. Lodges revisit the gloomy and melodic realm first introduced on “Heaven’s Night” once again on the interlude, “God’s Channel”. Angular violence comes barreling in shortly after on the track “Waiting Room”, which is propelled by hostile, rambunctious riffing and acidic vocals. The earth-shattering behemoth, “Crocodile Tears” , brings aural Lodges‘ blitzkrieg to an end. The track cycles between heart-stopping grooves and volcanic, straightforward hardcore stampedes before slowly reducing its speed to a final, bestial crawl. After being substantially brutalized, the band offers the listener a period of convalescence with the calming outro, “The New Flesh”.

Although Lodges do not stray far from the path on See God, the album is undoubtedly a solid piece of hardcore goodness. The instrumentation flawlessly switches from straightforward hardcore, to angular acrobatics and quaking breakdowns throughout the duration of just a single track. The vocals spew forth caustic, bitter sermons and contrasting clean melodies to offset the balance of everything. If See God is only the group’s first full-length, then there is no telling how much they will grow in the years to come.

Rating: 8/10
Label: Closed Doors Records
Release Date: November, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Waiting Room”, “Caraco”, “Low Expectations” and “Crocodile Tears”
For Fans Of: Axis, Converge, Trap Them and Every Time I Die


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