PSEUDO/SENTAI Release “Classic Tactics Of Xenocide” Lyric Video

PseudoSentai-drink up [photo by Taylor Foiles] [Photo By Taylor Foiles]

New York experimental rock trio Pseudo/Sentai have premiered the official lyric video for their track, “Classic Tactics of Xenocide”, at Bloody Disgusting. Taken from their impending Bansheeface LP, the new track is composed of angular progressive rock nuances and eccentric, carnival-esque melodies. The band offered the following comments regarding the new tune:

“Humans regard themselves as absolute predators. We do not live with a fear of being manufactured prey. ‘Classic Tactics of Xenocide’ is set in a world where our food chain equals have decided to annihilate us in response to a perceived action, one that we ourselves didn’t even commit. There is little left to do but detach ourselves, escape from the situation and witness it through a safety lens until they finally come to get us. ‘Enjoy being you while you still can.’”

Check out the track/video after the break.

Bansheeface will be released on October 16.




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