Interview: Get To Know Andrew Lima of I AMONG YOU

A while back I got in contact with a dude named Andrew Lima to acquire a cover song for a compilation I was putting together. The guy was really awesome and he gladly gave me a song to use. His cover was Nirvana‘s “Negative Creep” and since then I have called him friend. He’s given us many amazing new covers and now, as he preps his sophomore album, I bring you his first ever interview. Continue on to learn the world that Andrew Lima resides in.

Hello, Andrew! What’s up, dude? How are things in your world?
Ross, my man! Other than the New England weather being totally brutal on my allergies, things are fantastic.
Hope all is well in your world too.

Can you explain who you are and what you do to those who might not know?
Well, for starters, I’m a musician, I’m an audio engineer, and I adore what I do. My band I Among You is actually not a band at all. It’s me, myself, and I. I started playing drums at a young age. Then, I got into playing guitar. Then, eventually, got into writing/covering songs. I thought it’d be fun to record myself for shits and giggles. Layering drums/guitar/keys/vocals and what not.After years of recording, friends and strangers were getting into my stuff. So that pretty much leads me where I am now.

Now, what kind of witchcraft goes into the making of your cover songs? They are not the work of a human male.
No witchcraft at all! Just patience and caffeine. The hardest part of covering ANY song is learning it and listening to it repeatedly. The actual recording process can be difficult depending on the song, but that’s the fun part to me.

12071391_1213991761950183_731007163_nTell me about this new album you have coming soon. I want my readers to be as excited as I am.
My upcoming album Alien Nation is a follow-up to my first album Open The Floodgates from 2012. It’s a collection of songs I’ve written since about that time. It’s very reflective. I grew up with social anxiety and to an extent felt socially alienated (see what I did there?). I know it sounds vague, but I feel like everyone can relate to it’s darker themes. It’s probably the most progressive I’ve ever been. Lyrically and musically. I also have pretty kickass artwork by my friend Jeremy Arruda to coincide it.

Are you still writing, recording and performing everything on your own?
At the moment, yes. Sometimes I like it that way. Other times, I wish I had an additional set of ears around. I’d love to put a band together and play this shit live.

What is the most obscure cover you’ve ever considered? Tell me it’s not “Africa” because that is a wonderful song and you’re cover is beautiful.
Thank you! I would be lying if I said “Africa” wasn’t an obscure choice. Doppelgängers was such a great collection of covers!
You have these super heavy and hardcore versions of Obituary and Minor Threat, and then it ends with a soft-rock, synthy song like “Africa”. It’s just so funny to me. As for songs I’ve considered…I’ve always wanted to do a Depeche Mode song. Never got around to it.

What do you do when you’re not making music and making t-shirts that make me want to delve into my childhood?
I love playing retro video games (I have a pretty sweet collection so far). I’m also into running, pro-wrestling, and going to local shows.
I also like an IPA from time to time. You know, 23 year-old stuff.

Random question, what are your thoughts on Joseph Gordon Levitt? I think he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. Brick, Looper, Don Jon. C’mon, man.
J.G.L is extremely underrated. I loved him as Hesher. I watched “Halloween H20” recently and I never knew he was in it! He’s real diverse.

What albums have you enjoyed this year or what are you looking forward to?
I go through weird phases musically. I was in an early 90’s hip-hop phase after “Straight Outta Compton” so I REALLY dug Dre’s new record. As for the heavier stuff, BTBAM’s “Coma Ecliptic” and Leviathan’s “Scar Sighted” are my favorite albums this year. Jef Whitehead is an absolute machine and a huge influence. As for upcoming, The new Queensryche drops in a few days. I’m hyped.

Any final words of wisdom?
(Shouting in front of a green screen) DO IT!
But seriously, if you have passion for something like music, art, film, writing, etc.
Tell the world. Be expressive. There’s no better feeling than somebody listening/watching.

Ross, thank you!


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