PSEUDO/SENTAI Streaming New Track “March Of The Selkies”

PseudoSentai-drink up-zoom [photo by Taylor Foiles] [photo by Taylor Foiles]

New York City-based progressive/experimental outfit Pseudo/Sentai have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Bansheeface, at New Noise. Titled “March of the Selkies”, the quirky sci-fi-inspired track combines old school progressive sensibilities with modern, angular madness. The band said the following of the new tune:

“In ‘March Of The Selkies’ your ears will witness the march on the last civilized human stronghold, a calculated consequence of the Bansheeface‘s actions. With no hope for peaceful resolution, one side celebrates before victory while the other finally confronts their impending doom. This track also features Sawyer Schneider on a ripping traditional guitar solo wedged between twisting psychedelic moments and Jeff Eber and Jon Ehlers holding down a catchy but complex rhythmic section.”

Check out the track after the break.

Bansheeface will be released on October 16.



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