Exclusive: GREAT FALLS (Ex-KISS IT GOODBYE) Bring The Noise With “A Gathering In The Head”

The Fever Shed cover art

Seattle noise makers Great Falls (Ex-Kiss It Goodbye, Playing Enemy, Jesu, etc) are set to release their new devastating full-length, The Fever Shed, this Fall on Init Records. The follow-up to 2014’s Accidents Grotesque is a dark and disorienting affair in which mathcore, noise rock and abstract metal blend together to create a menacing, heart-stopping sound. We here at American Aftermath are excited to bring you a taste of what is to come with the album’s fourth, crushing track, “A Gathering in the Head”. This six minute beast stomps about with huge, dissonant, grimy riffs that will break your limbs and drag your limp body through ear-splitting walls of noise. Subject yourself to some good ol’ auditory abuse after the break.

The Fever Shed is due out late October. Vinyl pre-orders can be found here (early digital downloads to be released soon after purchase) and cassette pre-orders here.

Feel free to stream the album’s opening track, “Dressing The Saints”, below as well.


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