Exclusive: YAUTJA Unleash Grinding Mayhem With “Thankful; Appalled”

Tennessee titans Yautja are set to release their vicious new EP, Songs of Lament, early next month via Forcefield Records. We’ve already got our first taste of the seven-track follow-up to 2014’s Songs of Descent with the blistering “Breed Regret”. Now, we here at American Aftermath are beyond stoked to bring you your next helping of Yautja goodness. Behold “Thankful; Appalled”, a 77 second whirlwind of mangled madness. Furious riffs, rife with dissonance and grime, rush out of a cloud of piercing feedback and aim for the throat with open jaws. In short, it’s heavy as hell. Check it out for yourself after the break.

Songs of Lament will be released on October 13. Pre-order here (CD/LP) or here (cassette).


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