Exclusive Interview: OF FEATHER AND BONE

Denver’s Of Feather And Bone are set to unleash their crushing debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh tomorrow (September 18) via Good Fight Music. Rooted in hardcore and combining different elements of crust, grind and death metal, the trio have crafted an exceedingly dark and gritty set of discordant tracks that are filled with despair and visceral aggression. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, vocalist/bassist Alvino Salcedo discussed Embrace the Wretched Flesh and working with Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void, SubRosa), as well as the record’s lyrical approach, the camaraderie within the flourishing Denver metal scene and more.

How did Of Feather And Bone come to be?
Dave [Grant, guitarist] and Preston [Weippert, drummer] have been playing in bands together for a few years. In a band they were doing, they didn’t have a bass player and I asked if I could join. After some writing and setbacks and changes, we formed what is our current three-piece and recorded [2012 EP] False Healer in Salt Lake City with Andy Patterson.

Embrace the Wretched Flesh is your debut full-length. What are your thoughts on how the release turned out?
This was our first time together attempting to write a coherent piece with songs that complimented one another that would form a full-length. After it was all said and done, with a few changes and driving Andy Patterson and Brad Boatright crazy, we had our album. In the end, we are very happy with how this turned out.

The album follows two EPs and a split with Reproacher. How do you feel the new material compares to your previous releases?
We love those songs. Progression is necessary. Although these songs don’t drift too far away from the older songs, they also have new elements that are making us excited to write again.

What was the recording process like for Embrace the Wretched Flesh?
Recording with Andy is amazing. He’s a great friend and even better engineer. He makes recording honest, relaxing and productive. We went in with everything written and Andy captured the sound we love from him perfectly. As for the process, it’s pretty standard, haha.

How has it been working with Good Fight Music?
Rick [Barnhart] and Good Fight have been everything we’ve wanted in a label and more. The open lines of communication, the support, the friendship and the mild heart attacks have made working with them amazing. Overall, just having the support and someone who believes in us has been the best.

The band combines some different elements with hardcore. How do you describe Of Feather And Bone’s sound?
This has always been the one thing we could never pin point ourselves. We write what we like to listen to and what naturally comes when we write. We’ve heard a lot of different comparisons and genre definitions about us but all vary enough. But overall, we’re just a heavy band that roots in hardcore, grind, crust, d-beat and death metal.

What are your influences?
Musically, we can all offer so many different sources that influence us. Probably too many to list. Lyrically, not much influences me outside of my personal experiences. But if I have to speak on behalf of the other two: Slayer, burritos and Taylor Swift.

Lyrically, is there a specific theme behind the album? What’s the story behind the title, Embrace the Wretched Flesh?
The lyrics take a vague linear story of birth to realization. The acceptance and embrace of all that you are and what shapes you; positively and negatively. It’s a personal recount of what my life has consisted of thus far. But I’d also like someone to read the lyrics and interpret them in their own thoughts. But the title stems from anyone who may struggle with accepting who they are whether it’s good or bad.

It seems like there’s something in the water over in Denver, as it’s home to some really heavy acts (Primitive Man, Call of the Void, etc.). What’s the scene like there?
Our scene has been on an upswing. With bands like Primitive Man, Call of the Void, Vermin Womb, Khemmis, Spectral Voice, In the Company of Serpents, 908 and Iwakura; our scene has a lot of support and camaraderie. The shows are awesome. Having a community is what helps bands thrive. The support that is given to one another and the kids who come out can feel welcomed and not feel alienated. Denver is the best and we like to feel like we contribute to help show the rest of the world that we’re not a cow town in the middle of nowhere.

What’s next for Of Feather And Bone?
After the tour we’re currently on with Old Wounds and Axis, we’re going to hole up and write. We love to write and stay sharp on whatever sound we’re looking for. Amidst that, we will keep planning to tour as much as life will permit us.

Thanks for the interview! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Support Primitive Man, Iwakura, Old Wounds, Axis, Hollow Earth and Spectral Voice.

Embrace the Wretched Flesh is out September 18 via Good Fight Music. Stream the entire album over at Decibel.


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