INSECT ARK Debut “The Collector” Video

[Photo by Chris Carlone]

Multi-instrumentalist  Dana Schechter (a.k.a Insect Ark) has premiered the official video for her track, “The Collector”, over at Noisey. Taken from the new album, “Portal/Well”, the sinister “The Collector” is set to an abstract and dark clip depicting, as Schechter describes, a “wandering drifter who seeks out lost human souls”. Schechter offered the following comments on the video:

“It’s always a challenge to make visuals for my own music – how do you tell a story for a song with no words? “The Collector” is the tale of a wandering drifter who seeks out lost human souls, swallowing and extinguishing their spirits; the story came to me after the music was complete. Visual inspiration was partly drawn from black & white 1960s Japanese ghost films, but the filthy animated rural/urban landscapes are how it looks in my dreams: barren, looming, washed-out and absent of people. We used a video back-projection in front of dancer Mee Ae, and also filmed her on a greenscreen so I could work her into other animations in post production, which editor Alan Dubin (also the vocalist of Khanate/Gnaw) used in the larger edit.”

Check out the video after the break.


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