TELOCH VOVIN Streaming New Track “Adoration/Vexation”

Teloch Vovin Live Ritual 6.21.13 [photo by Mystra]

New York City occult black metal collective Teloch Vovin have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP, Further Down The Tunnel, over at No Clean Singing. Titled “Adoration/Vexation”, the eight minute track features raw, blistering black metal that cycles between frostbitten tremolo picking, ripping thrash and technical savagery. Paul Delaney of Black Anvil also makes a guest appearance on the track. The band commented on the new tune:

“Though it is one song, this track has two completely different segments. Each segment expresses its own concept which stands in opposition to its counterpart. ‘Adoration‘ being about adoring, loving or worship. While within ‘Vexation‘ is a culling, a curse.”

Stream the track now.

Further Down The Tunnel will be released on September 23. Pre-order here.


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