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Oblivionized – Life Is a Struggle, Give Up

Life Is A Struggle, Give Up | LP 2015 cover art

London’s Oblivionized have crafted a chaotic, no holds barred tour de force that goes by the name of  Life Is a Struggle, Give Up. The 10-track, 28-minute affair blazes by in a fury of mathcore insanity that takes no prisoners and leaves a trail of human remains in its wake. Take the most frenetic, unhinged moments from The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s or Psyopus‘ discographies, force them through a grindcore filter, sprinkle a little sludge on top and you have the gist of Oblivionized‘s madness. Furious, erratic drumming is met head on with ear-piercing, angular and dissonant guitars that are completely crazed and violent. Once the whirlwind of buzzing riffs kicks in on “Lower Your Expectations”, the listener will immediately know that this will not be an easy listen. “Cry Yourself to Ash” barrels in on the heels of “Lower Your Expectations” with buzzsaw, noisy riffs that lead to a monstrous, grumbling climax. Tracks like “Your Mouth Is a Wound” and “Whore Dogs” pepper in some gore-soaked, malevolent deathgrind in the midst of the disjointed complexity. The band switch it up a bit on tracks “I Pity You” and “You’re Spineless”, in which they exchange the bulk of their mathcore-influenced grind for monolithic, toxic sludge assaults. All in all, Life Is a Struggle, Give Up is an impressively disfigured album that fans of the most disturbing and polarizing metal will salivate over. In between the heart-stopping instrumentation and the snarling, psychotic vocals, it is clear that Oblivionized do not want anyone to survive.

Rating: 9/10
Label: Secret Law
Release Date: April 10, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Lower Your Expectations”, “Cry Yourself to Ash”. “57% Old”, “Life Is a Struggle, Give Up”, “Whore Dogs” and “I Pity You”
For Fans Of: Crowpath, The Sawtooth Grin, Cloacal Kiss and Maruta.


Invisible Things – Time AS One Axis

Time AS One Axis cover art

Guitarist Mark Shippy and drummer Jim Sykes come together as Invisible Things to bestow a massive, dizzying and elaborate record upon eardrums across the planet. This Chicago/Philadelphia-based duo’s sophomore release, titled Time AS One Axis, features eight punishing tracks of discombobulating, atmospheric noise rock. It’s an album that true appreciators of all things noisy will be enamored with. The album begins with the delightfully uncomfortable “Rockets”, which features a barrage of spontaneous guitar-generated noises and sounds that float on top of explosive and sporadic percussion. A driving rock rhythm can be heard beneath, but it is overpowered by the song’s wall of sounds. “Rockets” is just the tip of the iceberg, as the album gets progressively weirder throughout. Invisible Things dive headfirst into aberrated post-punk/no-wave territory on fuzz-laden “Four Figures” and “Kniii…”. The latter of the two tracks features some obnoxious yet catchy sliding guitar riffs that sound slightly similar to self-titled-era Daughters. The nauseating sprawl of “F” may be too much for some listeners to stomach, and the disfigured jazz debauchery on “Once It Starts” may prove to be just as debilitating. Invisible Things are obviously not the average noise rock. Even the term “noise rock” doesn’t do them justice. Time AS One Axis is a rambunctious little record that defies categorization and defies traditional songwriting. This album is not for everyone, and there are certainly moments where it drags a bit, but those willing to give it a chance may very well become enchanted by its abrasive oddness.


Rating: 7/10
Label: New Atlantis Records
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “Kniii…” and “F”
For Fans Of: Arab on Radar, Doomsday Student and AIDS Wolf.


Mörser – V

V cover art

German grind champs Mörser return this year with their fifth full-length album and spine-snapping follow-up to 2010’s 1st Class Suicide. Simply titled V, the new record doesn’t show the band treading any new ground, but rather refining their relentless death metal influenced grindcore sound. “All to Suffer” kicks the album off right with its barrage of spiraling riffs and grimy stampedes. From there, the listener will be subjected to one decimating deathgrind track after the next. Cataclysmic drumming is paired with an arsenal of equally calamitous guitar riffs that range from vile tremolo picked grooves (“Patina Reminder”), Slayer-channeling, thrash-fueled death dealing (“Lost in the Days”) and dissonant grind (“Carol”). “Alle nach Grabi hin” features 17 seconds of pure, acidic grind, while “Dirt Crawler” peppers in some galloping grooves amidst the gore-soaked grind. “Greatful (,) Dad” fully breaks the deathgrind mold with some surprising metalcore-inspired, melodic guitar acrobatics.  Overall, V is a pretty straight-forward listen. Mörser know what they are good at and make it a point to deliver the most blistering grind they can craft. The record doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, but it does flip the table over.

Rating: 7/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: February 27, 2015
Favorite Tracks: “All to Suffer”, “Dirt Crawler”, “Carol”, and “Of Grenades”
For Fans Of: Ed Gein, Misery Index and Brutal Truth


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