GRIME Streaming New Track “Decay In Hades”

Grime - Paolo Podzinkova

Italian sludge mongrels Grime have premiered a new track from their impending Circle of Molesters LP at Decibel. Titled “Decay In Hades”, the new death dealing track is as dark and grimy as their name suggests. The band unload a procession of choking, toxic riffs and seismic drumming that are propelled by venomous vocals that are reminiscent of Today Is the Day‘s Steve Austin. The band collectively says of the new track:

“Decay In Hades is one of the first new songs we wrote with our new lineup and a step further from what we did in the past. On this track we abandoned our minimalistic approach with the sonic purpose to humiliate and annihilate the listener through its hypnotic, repetitive riffs and its double bass layer. It’s all about intensity. Lyrically the song deals with the cult of death.”

Check it out for yourself now.

Circle of Molesters will be released on September 1 via Argento Records. Pre-orders can be found here and here.


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