Exclusive: FUCK THE FACTS Bring The Noise In A “Storm Of Silence”

Fuck The Facts have long been one of my favorite bands and they happen to be two of my favorite things: killer grindcore and Canadian. Ever since I started American Aftermath back in 2010, Topon Das, guitarist for FtF has been a friend. He recently came to me to premiere a new track off of the bands upcoming album Desire Will Rot and I was beyond stoked to do it.

Desire Will Rot is an unbelievable album of punishing grind that pulverizes, decimates, rebuilds and demolishes over the course of eleven blistering tracks. If you want a perfect example of what you can expect on Desire Will Rot, then “Storm Of Silence” is just right for you. You can check out my short interview with Topon and stream the new track below.    

ftfTopon! How have you been, man? Haven’t had you on the site in a while.

It’s great to be back! You guys have been supporting us for a long time, so I have a lot of love for American Aftermath.

Let’s get right into the new record Desire Will Rot. It’s new and inventive but familiar at the same time. How do you feel about the record as a whole?

I’m really happy with it. I only wish it would have come out earlier, but what’s done is done and I’m just stoked to finally get this record out there. Ever since Die Miserable we’ve been building up to this with all the EPs that we released, so It feels good to finally have a full length record out and something that I feel truly represents this band.

And you’ll be releasing this album yourselves through Noise Salvation, correct? The first FTF release on the label, but likely not the last, eh?

The Abandoned EP in October 2014 was the first release on Noise Salvation, which was followed by our split with Fistfuck earlier this year, but Desire Will Rot is the first full length album that we’ve released independently. The goal has always been to be fully independent and self sufficient. We didn’t really plan on it being this soon, but it’s kind of just how the cards fell and we went with it. Right now, I can see this becoming a pretty permanent situation, but I’m definitely not closing the door on ever working with another label again. It just has to be the right fit.

Can you tell me anything specifically about the track “Storm Of Silence,” which we are premiering here today?

It’s probably the most straight forward song on the album. It’s very d-beat and punk influenced by bands like Tragedy, Remains of the Day, etc…

What’s up next for Fuck The Facts in 2015 and beyond?

Touring for the album is going to take us into the spring of 2016, so that’s really the focus now. We’re going to do as many shows as we can for this new record and then get to writing the next one.

Tour dates:
08/20 Kingston, ON – The Mansion
08/21 Montreal, QC – Obscene Extreme Fest
09/01 Binghamton, NY – Fitzie’s Irish Pub
09/02 Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
09/03 Chicago, IL – Livewire
09/04 Appleton, WI – The Poison Estate
09/05 Minneapolis, MN – The Triple Rock
09/06 Fargo, ND – The New Direction
09/07 Billings, MT – Railyard
09/08 Great Falls, MT – The Club Cigar
09/09 Spokane, WA – Pinnacle Northwest
09/10 Seattle, WA – Highline
09/11 Victoria, BC – Logans Pub
09/12 Vancouver, BC – Hindenburg
09/14 Calgary, AB – Tubby Dog
09/15 Edmonton, AB – The Armoury
09/16 Saskatoon, SK – Amigos Cantina
09/17 Regina, SK – The German Club
09/18 Winnipeg, MB – Ozzy’s
09/19 Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub
09/20 Sault Ste Marie, ON – Oddfellows
10/09 Sherbrooke, QC – The Murdoch
10/10 Ottawa, ON – House Of Targ
10/14 Quebec City, QC – Scanner Bistro
10/15 Fredericton, NB – The Capital
10/16 Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
10/17 Charlottetown, PE – The Sportsman
10/18 Moncton, NB – Esquire Tavern
10/19 Rimouski, QC – Cactus Show Bar

Pre-orders for Desire Will Rot are available here & here. Get yours today.


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