CLUTCH Premiere “X-Ray Visions” Video

Rock titans Clutch have premiered the official video for their new track, “X-Ray Visions”, over at Billboard. The new jam, which will appear on the group’s new album, Psychic Warfare, is set to a Dan Winter-directed clip that provides a literal interpretation of the song’s telekinesis-inspired lyrics. Frontman Neil Fallon comments on the video:

“We’re not a band that’s at all comfortable acting in a video. That’s probably the most acting we’ve ever done in a video,…We’re very comfortable with Dan [Winter, director]; we’ve known him since 1993, really, but we feel most comfortable when we have our instruments in our hands. It’s really his brainchild and he kind of made it up as he want along. The song has a very kind of specific narrative to it, with very specific things that happen, and the lyrics aren’t particularly vague. I think Dan latched onto that by taking it as a springboard to one very literal interpretation and then to more vague ideas.”

Check out the video after the break:

Psychic Warfare will be released on October 2.



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