Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews Of AXIS And MEATWOUND

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Axis – Show Your Greed

After a series of EPs and splits with the likes of Self Defense Family and Weight of the World, metallic hardcore heavyweights Axis  unleash a beast of a full-length record in the form of Show Your Greed. Since their inception 2010, the Floridian quintet have been honing and perfecting their craft for the past five years. The results of their efforts are heard on this blistering, 26-minute full-length. From the thunderous opener “Graze the Fire” to the angular bombardment of closer “With Grace”, Axis dishes out full-throttle beating after full-throttle beating. It is a blessing that the record is less than half an hour, because a single minute longer would prove deadly for those with heart conditions. The songs deliver these massive metallic riffs that bring to mind the bestial assaults of bands like Turmoil, Buried Alive or even more contemporary acts like Old Wounds. Blended into these hardcore assaults are dissonant, knife-like chords and angular grooves that provide a healthy dose of auditory chaos. Combined with throat-shredding vocals and a plethora of earth-shattering breakdowns, these 10 tracks will stop at nothing to decimate everything in their path. The crisp yet crushing production aids in fleshing out the destruction. Although the songs do not deviate from their formula, nor do they really reinvent the wheel here, Show Your Greed is still a solid addition to the metallic hardcore genre. Axis is definitely going to be one of those bands to watch out for.

Rating: 7/10
Release Date: September 4, 2015
Label: Good Fight Music
Favorite Tracks: “Graze the Fire”, “Transgression”, and “Badgelicker”
For Fans Of: Turmoil, Old Wounds, Hollow Earth, Buried Alive and Code Orange


Meatwound – Addio

Former and current members of combatwoundedveteran, Primate Research, Headless Dogs, Holy Mountain and more come together to make some grimy noise in Meatwound. The Floridian quartet play a grumbling, raw and visceral form of hardcore that is soaked in elements of sludge and noise on their debut release, Addio. Featuring six scum-filled tracks, Addio is the place where aggression meets transgression. For the next 25 minutes the listener will be subjected to oppressive, fuzz-laden hardcore that leaves none unscathed. The band conjure up these throbbing, highly distorted bass lines that rattle the listener’s skull until their brain is reduced to a paste. Combined with manic drumming, the rhythm section annihilates a good portion of this record. The guitars, however, are what provide the album’s chaos. A variety of riffs are conjured from the six string instrument. Straightforward hardcore assaults, dissonant debauchery, grumpy sludge and buzzing, effect-laden insanity can all be heard on Addio. Rasp, venomous vocals top everything off with their acidic prose. Addio wants to be a hardcore record and a noise rock record and ends up being a bit of both. It’s heavy, grimy and hyperactive. What more could you ask for?

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: July 24, 2015
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Favorite Tracks: “In Toilet”, “Goliath” and “I am Transgressor”
For Fans Of: combatwoundedveteran, Big Black, Pigs and His Hero is Gone


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