RAMMING SPEED Streaming New Track “Choke Holds And Bullet Holes”

Thrashpunks Ramming Speed have marked an early September release for their new album No Epitaphs. We’ve already heard one new track from the album, but the band isn’t going to let that stand. Ramming Speed have unloaded their fierce new track “Choke Holds And Bullet Holes” for the world to grind. Check out the track below or you’re dead to me.    

No Epitaphs will be released on September 4th via Prosthetic Records.

Track list:
01 – “No Forgiveness In Death”
02 – “Choke Holds And Bullet Holes”
03 – “Beasts Of Labor”
04 – “Don’t Let This Stay Here”
05 – “This Is The Life We Chose”
06 – “Walls”
07 – “Break In The Chain”
08 – “Truth To Power”
09 – “Super Duty”
10 – “Horns Of War”
11 – “Momentary Masters”


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