IMMORTAL BIRD Streaming New Track “Saprophyte”

Chicago death dealers Immortal Bird have premiered a new track from their upcoming full-length record, Empress/Abscess, over at NPR. The new track is titled “Saprophyte” and it begins its assault with three-minutes of writhing, angular death metal that would be placed somewhere between Carcass and Ulcerate on the metal spectrum. The song eventual gives way to a blast-beat laden burst of Hell fire and an ending whirlwind of technical prowess. Check it out for yourself here.

Empress/Abscess will be released on July 14.

8/07/2015 2040 – Chicago, IL
8/08/2015 Louisville Deathfest – Louisville, KY
8/10/2015 The Doom Room – Lafayette, IN
8/11/2015 Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH
8/12/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
8/13/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
8/14/2015 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
8/15/2015 Death To False Metal Festival – Hamden, CT
8/16/2015 The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA
9/25 – 27/2015 Shadow Woods Metal Fest – White Hall, MD
10/16/2015 Southwest Terror Fest – Tucson, AZ


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