Exclusive: THE OXFORD COMA Premiere New Track “Canadian Question Mark”

When that ill-as-fuck band comes across your radar, you reach out a loving hand and thank your PR rep for thrusting something your way. I was recently introduced to The Oxford Coma and, damn. They are siiiick. Sludgy, filthy madness tucked into a nice, neat package.

Wait, you don’t know The Oxford Coma? Well, welcome to Awesometown. I am stoked to premiere a new track titled “Canadian Question Mark.” This track comes off of Paris Is Mine. Click on over after the jump and get a dose of rad.     

“It’s sort of what I think Russian Circles’ answer to Wagner’s Valkyrie would sound like if it was written by people obnoxious enough to say something like that about their own song. It’s like 1/3 improvised. We wrote it really fast. Enjoy. And if you can guess why we called it Canadian Questionmark I’ll give you a shiny six pence.”

Paris Is Mine will be released on August 11th.


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