MUTOID MAN Streaming New Album “Bleeder”

Mutoid Man (Converge/Cave In) have premiered their debut full-length record, Bleeder, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, June 30, via Sargent House. Pre-orders can still be found here. Fans of their debut EP, Helium Head, will be enamored with this new release. The hard rocking melodies and swagger and the angular chaos all make a welcomed return here. Stream it for yourself after the break.

In related news, it looks like Cave In‘s future is uncertain according to frontman Stephen Brodsky. His comments are as follows:

“I think the trickiest thing with Cave In is that we haven’t put out a record in like four years so I think for that band there’s a real sort of thriving element to being creative and just sort of playing shows without having a new record to sort of promote or even a label behind us- like as of now Cave In technically doesn’t have even a label. Cave In is just sort of at this stationary point where we’re not quite sure what the next move is or if there is one at this point.”

[Via The PRP]



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