American Aftermath Present: KALIYA & BARING TEETH Tour

kaliya smWhooooooo. Man. We here at AA have had a bad run with tours. I think we have been invited to host three in the past and all but one of them fell through, leading to us promoting something that didn’t happen. We did host a rad tour for Secrets Of The Sky and Godhunter that was beyond killer, though.

This time around however, the shit is going to take off. We are proud to announce a short run featuring Kaliya and Baring Teeth! The tour takes place here in the southern Mid-West, where Lane and I are located, and it will kick off in mid-August. So if you want to get bash out of your skull, Kaliya and Baring Teeth will definitely crush you. Check out the dates below as well as the rad-as-hell full poster.    

August 13th – Denton, TX @ Rubbergloves
August 14th – Oklahoma City, OK @ Industrial Skatepark
August 15th – St. Louis, MO @ The Fubar
August 16th – Memphis, TN @ Murphy’s
August 17th – Shreveport, LA @ Tiki Bar



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