ENABLER Announce New Album “Fail To Feel Safe” For August Release

Ooooooh hell yeah. I have been needing more Enabler in my life. We should all have more Enabler in our lives. Whether is be a new EP or a full-length, I am always excited when this kind of news emerges. Well, Fail To Feel Safe is the name of the upcoming Enabler LP and it is going to be a doozy. You can check out the artwork up top and the track listing and release date after the jump. Excitebike!     

Fail To Feel Safe will be released on August 7th. The track list is as follows.

01. “Suffer To Survive”
02. “Fail To Feel Safe”
03. “By Demons Denied”
04. “Euphoric Revenge”
05. “Isolation Sickness”
06. “Sinister Drifter”
07. “Sail The Sea Of Fire”
08. “Haunted”
09. “Drownage”
10. “Demolition Praise”
11. “Malady”
12. “La Furia”
13. “Sabotage Within”


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