RIVERS OF NIHIL Announce New Album “Monarchy,” Streaming New Track “Perpetual Growth Machine”

Oooooh shit! Man, I’ve been wanting some new Rivers Of Nihil! And I’m getting some before summer is out? Hell yes! The band has announced that their new album Monarchy will be released in August and it is shaping up to be fantastic. Not only did we get the news of a new Rivers Of Nihil record, we also got a new track! The band premiered a new track titled “Perpetual Growth Machine” and it’s so good. Check it out below as well as all of the information we have about Monarchy.     

Monarchy will be released on August 21st via Metal Blade Records.

1. “Heriless”
2. “Perpetual Growth Machine”
3. “Reign Of Dreams”
4. “Sand Baptism”
5. “Ancestral, I”
6. “Dehydrate”
7. “Monarchy”
8. “Terrestria II: Thrive”
9. “Circles In The Sky”
10. “Suntold”


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