BLACK WING (HAVE A NICE LIFE) Announce Debut Album “…Is Doomed”

Have a Nice Life and Giles Corey‘s Dan Barrett has announced the release of the debut full-length for his electronic-centered, Black Wing project. The new seven-track record will bear the title …Is Doomed and will be released through The Flenser on September 18. Barrett commented on the project:

A while back I released a short, digital EP of me messing around with a lot of software instruments. This was after I watched Drive and enjoyed the soundtrack, and was really just me fiddling around. It got released as the ‘Drive 2 Soundtrack’ under the name ‘Dan Barrett and the Cruisers.’ I gave it away for free and promptly forgot about it.  About a year later I ended up listening to it again and decided that there’s something fast and enjoyable about all digital stuff – no tuning, no strings breaking. It came at a good time (we [Have A Nice Life] were just finishing up recording songs from The Unnatural World), so I decided to jump in….Black Wing started as a sort of opposite to Giles Corey – whereas Giles started as ‘only acoustic instruments allowed,’ Black Wing started with ‘only digital instruments.'”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with the video for the track “My Body Betrayed Me”.

Track Listing:
1.  Luther
2.  Black Wing
3.  My Body Betrayed me
4.  Unemployed
5.  Drive Soundtrack
6.  Death Sentence
7.  Let Him In

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