Exclusive: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK’s Brandon Hoffman Interview + Song Premiere

Photo by Steadfast Media.

Alright, kiddos. You know I love my hardcore. There are tens of thousands of bands out there who play the genre and play it well, but one of my favorites has the dude I interviewed standing out front. Everything Went Black are a punishing, thundering band out of St. Louis and their music makes me want to bash faces into walls. In this interview, we talked about EWB‘s new EP Night Terrors, horror movies and a lot of real talk. Oh yeah, we are also premiering a new track off of Night Terrors! So check all of that out after the jump.

Can you introduce yourself to my tens and tens of readers?
Hello, tens and tens of American Aftermath followers, my name is Brandon and I play in a Saint Louis, MO based hardcore/punk outfit Everything Went Black.

So, what’s been up with Everything Went Black? We haven’t gotten a full-length since 2012, but you’ve been sporadically releasing EPs and singles here and there and now you have a new EP coming out, right?
The last thing we physically released was an EP called Mosenthein back in 2013. It was a three song EP that came out on Encapsulated. We went back into the studio shortly after to record this new (but not so new) EP called Night Terrors.

I actually listened to Mosenthein earlier today just and it is fantastic. You guys consistently kill it over and over. Was anything different writing or recording-wise between Mosenthein and Night Terrors? You guys had a digital single with a Nirvana cover on it between the two, right?
Mosenthein and Night Terrors are very similar when it comes to writing, and we have stuck with the same engineer Matt Amelung, since we recorded our full length. We put up a song from Night Terrors a few months back as a free download with a live cover of “Tourettes”, maybe out of boredom? We weren’t exactly sure when or if the EP was going to come out.

What would have happened if the EP hadn’t come out? Would you have scrapped it or continued until you had another full length?

Having that recording finished and laying around collecting dust was haunting me, personally. I didn’t really see a point in letting the songs go to waste, we also took the time and money to record them and have them mastered so, yeah, that doesn’t make sense. We could have scrapped the recording and wrote more songs and turned it into a full length but we are ready to move on musically. We have one more thing recorded that should be coming out shortly, and we have started writing for a another full length record.

You guys don’t waste any time, do you? Will we see any more covers coming up?
Probably not, if we were smart we would just start a cover band and play 90’s alt rock at hole in the wall bars, but the struggle is real.

I gotcha. So, what does Mr. Brandon Hoffman do when he is not crushing in Everything Went Black?
I’m a sound engineer at a few different venues around town. I do some graphic design and screen printing work, run around in dilapidated buildings, eat shit loads of tacos. I also recently started recording some stuff by myself under the name Vacation Drugs.

Jesus. Do you ever slow down and read a comic book or something? That seems like a busy life.
I’ve been forcing myself to slow down lately. I’d just rather be productive than bored, so that’s the lifestyle I adopted. I’ve been finding myself home a lot lately watching terrible horror flicks with the girlfriend.

Those are the best horror flicks. What have you been watching? Anything you’d recommend? Wolf Cop is brilliant.
I haven’t really come across anything new lately, there seems to be a trend with black smoke creatures haunting some house and I think all that shit is ignorant. Ti West has put out some good films in the last few years. I’m more into older stuff, Maniac (not the remake), The Prowler, are classics. Do you have anything else to recommend?

The Babadook, Housebound, Starry Eyes and Late Phases were some of my favorites of last year. Speaking of Ti West, The Sacrament was cool, but not as much a horror as a thriller. If you like real effects as apposed to CGI, check out Late Phases. Great werewolf jaunt.

I just watched Last Phases, it was awesome. The Sacrament is one of the better films I’ve seen in a very long time. I also love the way The House Of The Devil was filmed.

What do you think about the reboot of Poltergeist? That first film is still one of my all time favorites.
I haven’t seen that one yet.

I haven’t watched it yet either. What I mean is do you think it will live up to the original?
I would count on them fucking it up. Dawn Of The Dead is the only “remake” I’ve seen that I was into.

They remade The Town That Dreaded Sundown not too long ago and I heard it was pretty good. But, for the most part remakes are disappointing. To change the subject back to music, what have you been listening to lately? Anything rad?
I’m usually all over the place. I’ve been mainly listening to stuff like Roky Erickson, Cactus, Thin Lizzy, and Dust. Some newer bands I’ve been jamming are Ex-Cult and We Are Hex.

Photo by Steadfast Media.

Nice. So, what’s up next for you dudes?
We have a split release with Fister coming out soon. We cover one of their songs and they cover one of our songs. I guess I should have mentioned that when you asked about covers. Everyone should be familiar with Fister by now.

Fister is so damn good! That’s going to be amazing. Is it coming out on 7″ or just digitally?
It’s going to be released as a 7″. It’s killer, I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Now, to end this off, I’m premiering a track off of Night Terrors. What track are we going to hear?
“Two Thousand.”

Awesome. Thanks for the interview, Brandon.
Thanks for doing it man!

Pre-orders for Night Terrors are available here. The album will be released on June 30th.


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