EARTH CONTROL’s Tony Wolfe Talks About Lawsuits

Earth Control, formerly known as Owen Hart made their mark when they were a part of the This Comp Kills Fascist Vol. 2. before that the band had only released two demos and a two song EP. After they were featured on This Comp Kills…, the band finally released their debut full-length, Earth Control. A few months after the release of Earth Control, the band announced that they had changed their name to Earth Control. I got in touch with guitarist Tony Wolfe to ask him a few questions about the band, the full-length record and the reason for the band’s sudden name change. Read on to learn these things and more. Enjoy.//Dig It or Die.
How’s it going? Can you introduce yourself for my readers?
What up. I’m Tony Wolfe and I play guitar in Earth Control.

Up until recently you guys were known as Owen Hart. Why did you choose to name the band after a deceased wrestler and then change the name to the title of your last record?
Owen Hart has been an underground D.I.Y. band for 7 years now and we never thought we’d have any legal trouble regarding the name, because honestly who the fuck cares about some small band from Tacoma? However, about 6 months ago we were served with a cease and desist letter from “The Owen Hart Foundation” saying that we needed to change our name or we would be sued. It cited WWE message boards of people confusing our band with the wrestler, I guess.

Personally I think it’s fucking awesome. I just think of Vince McMahon listening to Owen Hart with his lawyers. After many name change options, we decided Earth Control would be the closest name to relate to our history, being the name of our full length we just put out. It really does suck having 7 years of touring and getting your name out there to have it destroyed by some stupid lawyers. Whatever. Earth Control lives on.

Speaking of that record, can you tell me a little about it? Writing, recording, etc.
Earth Control is our first full length we put out and we probably started writing for it back in 2006. I think we start actually recording in like 2009 and for some reason it took like 2 years to get the record done. I won’t point fingers, but it’s a huge relief to finally have it out. Back then, Owen Hart was more of a side project to the many Tacoma bands we are all in, so things worked a little slowly with us. As of late, Earth Control has become sort of a machine, and we’re pumping out shit left and right it seems like.

Earlier this year, you guys participated In the South by South West festival in Austin. How was that experience?
South by South West was definitely an odd experience. We played a Brooklyn Vegan showcase which was fucking awesome. I was very humbled and stoked to be able to play it. Wormrot, Ringworm, Magrudergrind, Kill The Client and Gaza. Fucking killer show. Everyone was nice too. We also played a crazy garage show with a million bands. The cops ended up showing up and breaking up All Pigs Must Die and Trap Them’s battle set. As far as the fest on a whole, I really, really did not dig the vibe of the fest. It seemed like a giant schmooze fest where bands were trying to “show their talent” to big wigs or something. I guess that’s the point of the fest right? Really un-personal, but I’m glad we experienced it. I’d for sure be honored to play any house show or that Brooklyn Vegan thing again.

Did you get a chance to watch many bands? If so, who stood out to you?
Not as many as I’d like to have seen, but Wormrot was definitely insane. Every band at the Brooklyn Vegan showcase ripped. Whitehorse was crushing. I wish i could have taken advantage of seeing the bigger shows like Pentagram, and I heard Wu Tang played?

You guys seem to be masters of amazing song titles. Some of my favorites of yours are “You’ll See 8 Year Olds in Hell” and “Fuck Morrissey, Fuck The Smiths, Fuck The Cure.” Do you guys have fun coming up with song titles like these?
Haha. That’s all Timm. I definitely am proud to be in a band with a song called “Fuck Morrissey, Fuck The Smiths, Fuck The Cure” though. He has some killer titles coming up for our upcoming releases. “Alien Gonzalez” which is about that little kid coming over on a raft from Cuba like 15 years ago, about how fucked up the immigration shit is, “Black collar” which is about shitty ass jobs, “My Bag of Potato Chips is Too Loud” which is about that Sun Chips bag that was completely biodegradable and organic or whatever. People complained about their bag of potato chips being too fucking loud, so they took them off the market.

You guys are often labeled a grindcore band, but your sound expands much further than just grind, at least I think so. Who are some bands that you guys would say influenced you?
This is definitely a hard question. All of us have huge eclectic taste in music. I can only speak for myself, but I love anything from old school death metal like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Gorguts and Benediction to grind like Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer and 324Newer crazy shit like Portal, Ulcerate and Deathspell to like Catharsis, Refused, Ire, Turmoil and Acme. As always Metallica, Slayer and Pantera, the tri-force of metal. Anything goes for us, as long as it’s grinding and you can bang your head to it.

What is up next for Earth Control? Touring or writing new material?
We just are finishing the touches on a new 7″ coming out on Vitriol with the 2nd press and changed artwork of earth control. We also have a split we are recording for within the next month or so although we’re not 100% who the splits with yet and we are starting to write for a full length right now. We don’t have any tours lined up at the moment, but once that 2nd press and 7″ drops we’ll be dominating the touring world. Be on the lookout.
If you haven’t listened to Earth Control yet, you can stream it here and buy it. I mean, come on. It’s only five bucks. Get down, get dirty! Fall from the rafters!

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