Featuring bands like Eyehategod, All Pigs Must Die, Noothgrush, Trap Them and Early Graves as well as many, many more, how can you not want something like this? The Power of The Riff Mixtape is brought to you by Southern Lord Records in preparation for a string of West Coast shows on August 13th, 15th, 16th and 18th. Along with the aforementioned bands, this is an amazing line-up. I mean, come one, just look at the cover, how are you not downloading this yet? If you live on the West Coast and would like more information on The Power Of The Riff, go here. Below you can find the full track list and download link.

~R. Gnarly//Download This or Die.


All Pigs Must Die – Pulverization
Baptists – Good Parenting
Eyehategod – Jackass In The Will of God
Masakari – Trapped In the Mold
Alpinist – Hak Nam
Skin Like Iron – Consequences
Early Graves – Wraiths
Seven Sisters of Sleep – Sundown
Pentagram – Call The Man
Black Breath – Children of the Horn
Plagues – Breathing
Harassor – Glory Raped
Acephalix – Interminable Night
Black Cobra – Negative Reversal
Slave – Rise of Shame
Trap Them – Carnage Incarnate
Noothgrush – Oil Removed
Pelican – Strung Up From the Sky
Winter – Eternal Frost


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