I Actually Agree With VIOLENT J. About A Miracle…

“A Fucking Elephant is a miracle. If people can’t see a fucking miracle in A Fucking Elephant, then life must suck for them.”
– Violent J (ICP), The Guardian, Oct 9, 2010

That is a direct quote from the press release I got for a band I have never heard of called A Fucking Elephant. I mean, right off, that is a fantastic name. So yeah, I was instantly intrigued by this band. It wasn’t until I began listening to the band’s forthcoming split EP with El Drugstore (another band I have never heard of and haven’t yet listened to) that I came to my conclusion. This is actually pretty good shit. Experimental, dirty, sludgy jams is exactly what this band offers. Their music reminds me of something that I just can’t seem to put my finger on, but I dig it. So yeah, for once I have to side with Violent J. about something.

Another blurb from the press release:

A FUCKING ELEPHANT sounds like drug-induced crime. Hailing from scenic Pennington, New Jersey, this experimental metal duo — comprised of members Greg Meisenberg and Matt Keys — have been assaulting basements and forcing acoustic trauma since 2007. Harsh sonic destruction, dope-soaked and wow.

From July 14 through 21 both bands will also team up to infest the Northeast with a rash of dates in support of the split EP, with confirmed stops in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York and more as the final details are being sorted this week.

You can check out A Fucking Elephant here and El Drugstore here. The EP will be released on July 26th on both digital and physical formats.

~R. Gnarly

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